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YOU are not replaceable!

YOU are not replaceable!

Dear friends, I hope you are having an amazing day.

I just saw a topic on the linkedIn about the idea: "every person is replaceable in the business." I know it might sound strange because society dictates another point of view, but this is totally not true.

Funny thing is when I asked: "what if someone said so about your marriage," I actually got 1 reply that: "It would still be true."

Luckily few people agreed with my comment and not the reply, so it gives me hope.

And my core idea is super simple. For company point of view, people may be replaceable. But each individual brings in something only he can bring. The lousy question gives us a lousy answer. How about we ask this: "Will we get the same results if we replace some concrete person?"

That should be the right question. And the answer will be only: NO. Because you can't get the same result with the different input.

So everything will be different. It may not look like on a paper or an excel sheet. But it will influence the situation. It's impossible to stay the same after changing something. May get better or worse, but will change.

Now let's take a look at the current people, why they agree that they are replaceable?

Obviously because so they fulfill their basic needs. So they won't have to believe in what they do, don't have to be passionate about it, so they won't deliver results and when they are replaced, they will say: "It's just because everyone is replaceable." Excuses lead to death. Excuses don't let people live. Not having excuses does not equal = "not making mistakes". It is making mistakes, it is having trouble. And also it is not giving up. And giving all you have to succeed. All for your goals. God or universe placed you exactly in the place where you are. He has a plan. And you deliver. By everything you do and achieve. The history remains. You can't change it. Only learn from it and improve. Take all the doubts and throw them into the dumpster. Burn that stupid crap and know your value. We are here because we are not replaceable. We are here for the reason.

Keep it in mind and have an amazing day.

Andrew Goldman

Andrew 🐝 Goldman 3/10/2016 · #9

Enjoy your life)

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 3/10/2016 · #8

@Andrew Goldman great perspective agreement.

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Brian McKenzie 30/9/2016 · #7

#6 @Andrew Goldman I am enjoying the 'difference' Six Seconds at a time 8?/

Andrew 🐝 Goldman 29/9/2016 · #6

Great to see you, @Brian McKenzie. Luckily there is a difference. And a difference is made by different people)​

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Andrew 🐝 Goldman 29/9/2016 · #5

True it is. Thank you, Marta.

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Marta García Quijada 29/9/2016 · #4

Great buzz! People are the most important asset for a company, workers (and their know-how) are the company's success and they must care about them more than they usually do.Regards!

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Brian McKenzie 29/9/2016 · #3

Replaceable, Transitional, Disposable and wholly Forgettable ~ just another line item on a spreadsheet somewhere....until RFID comes along and makes the IoP (Internet o People) .....or Soylent Green 2.o goes live.

Andrew 🐝 Goldman 29/9/2016 · #2

Amen, @Mark Anthony. That's a way to live and improve. Thank you so much for your comment. I totally agree with you. Have an awesome day!