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A new European network for B2B food trade

A new European network for B2B food trade


The main goal of small import/export entrepreneur is to make deals and drive revenue. Being a small team or a one-man-company, you have to manage everything yourself: contracts, supplies, procurement, delivery, payments, product quality, bookeeping. Marketing is the next valuable task and a very time consuming activity.

After communication with dozens of such entrepreneurs I’ve got impression that they never have enough time for marketing efforts, and especially for marketing self-education.

Self-education and experimenting in marketing space is a constant need, while you have to find efficient strategies to obtain more trade leads and these strategies constantly changes. New tools appear and your competitors may already use them for growth.

I was thinking about what I can do to help small trade companies to overcome that difficulty and get reliable way to find new trade partners, obtain sales leads. And the best solution I found is a community of professionals across countries that exchange information and deals.

Nowadays work alone is not efficient, so the best way is to be a part of some network, where other people bring you results. And you do the same, in a mutually beneficial way.


This is how I came to idea of VendorHub: a community and B2B platform where small food and FMCG wholesalers can find new deals. But not only. It is a platform to share and get knowledge (currently I use slack chat for it, but later plan to make industry forum with local experts, and you can become one of them).

This is a good principle of internet 2.0, where flat service like a classified board is connected with network of people and provides basics for communication.

Currently the idea of VendorHub is pretty easy: you register on a platform and post your buy or sell inquiry. My team gets it into work for free, we start looking for connections in our network, plus your offer is visible to other people on a platform. Again, now everything is FREE. You start receiving free occasional deals and offers, when we find a match.

In comparison to other B2B platforms (where you just make a post and receive nothing), VendorHub provides you quick insight whether your product and price is on demand, or if your procurement need can be satisfied. And if your product is on demand, we give you at least one partner to talk with.

We leverage our community and partners abroad, so your offer is delivered to the right companies in the first week, and the network provides feedback.

You don’t need to know how to promote online, or how to build efficient sales / purchase campaign, you just need access to real people, that are doing trade same as you.


And what is the biggest difficulty in marketing you have nowadays?