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How to get more revenue out of your physical goods trade business

Would you enjoy your earnings, if you could run your trade business in both B2B and B2C? What it means: you sell to companies, and you sell to individual buyers from internet at the same time.

Many small companies concentrate normally on one sales channel: either reselling to firms or making an online store. But it’s a high probability that you can mix the approaches and get revenue from both.

This option is available for many industries, for example wood and biofuel traders, consumer goods wholesalers, office supply companies (coffee, water), package goods (poultry fodders), vegan or food producers, and small manufacturers.

Partially, this model can be applied by exporters: you sell to export clients, and small parties to local companies.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

To start such trade, you need online promotion skills and specific tools. The e-store might be a good way to get retail clients, but it’s creation and administration is too way difficult and expensive. Many websites like Amazon, are complicated and require specific strategies.

What I recommend for the start is the mix: Landing pages + online traffic.

Selling through landing pages is a quick way to test new niches, find appropriate ones, check pricing and establish retail sales to individual buyers. Moreover, you attract both wholesale and retail buyers from internet, because some interested buyers will be wholesale.

Landing page + online traffic is a great mix to start your trade business from day one. You can use variety of traffic sources to obtain online clients: facebook, google, youtube, banners/teasers or even popular nowadays push.

Business-to- Business (B2B)

Getting a flow of new trade partners is critical to strengthen your positions in B2B. LinkedIn/Xing and Shapr/beBee campaigns are good to find new companies.

But to attract them and explain what you do, you need some marketing materials (I call it online presence). The ideal way to say who you are would be a landing page and PDF collateral (A4 file, that explains briefly what you do). You send this PDF material by email on request.

How to get more revenue out of your physical goods trade business

The biggest problem I see among small vendors – is low quality of online presence. If you just have a bad cheap wordpress website, it may work, but not so good. A key point of success is making your materials great in DESIGN, bright and attractive.


To help entrepreneurs launch this model, I created VendorHub project. It will be a B2B marketplace in the future, but now we started a simple service to help small companies increase market position.

We create landing pages with great design at our domain for your company, give you bright professional PDF collateral and set you low cost traffic campaigns. We also provide access to our export/import wholesale community.

Check it out:

And how do you find new clients at your company nowadays?