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List all Members of any LinkedIn Group!!

We all know that on LinkedIn we are restricted to joining just 50 main groups of the 1,000's of LinkedIn Groups available, plus based on your business you may not be able to join some Groups where you would have access to your target audience.

Based on the above restrictions I wanted to see if there was an interest in been able to supply people with a link to list members of any LinkedIn Group , whether you are a member of the group or more importantly NOT!!

This is something I have been able to achieve and just wanted to see if it may be of interest to the LinkedIn Community. Not sure how long this will last though!!

List all Members of any LinkedIn Group!!

It would be best that you ideally have a LinkedIn premium account as you may soon hit the "Commercial Use Limit" with the free account.

I am happy to offer the first 10 people that come to me a link to list all the Group members.

Just tell me the Group name or send me a link and I will get back to you ASAP thereafter.

Do hope that this may be of interest!!