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Possibly the best musical talent to come out of The Netherlands!

Possibly the best musical talent to come out of The Netherlands!

If I mentioned Golden earring and Shocking Blue would anyone know that these bands came out of The Netherlands? Well they did and were very successful more so golden earring who are still performing to this day, although with a very different line up from the one that started out, they are probably more well known for the song 'Radar love'

Then we have shocking blue a successful psychedelic rock group of the 60's and 70' probably better known for the song 'Venus' these are a couple of bands to come out of the netherlands, there are many more but none who are as well known as these two bands, which brings me to a band who were around from the mid 70's to the mid 80's and in my opinion were a band who really did not get the recognition they deserved outside of Europe, they had been around from the mid 60's and had been performing under different names...until the Kowalczyk sisters joined and fronted the band.

The sisters were Betty, Marianne and of course Toni who would become the lead singer with her other two sisters providing backing vocals and harmonies....and the band was 'Pussycat' a country/pop/rock band, although quite popular in Europe their early recordings didn't seem to hit the mark until Werner Theunissen a brilliant Dutch songwriter started penning songs for them.

Which brings us to their first biggest selling single which would be a massive hit across europe in 1975, but they would have to wait another year before 'Mississippi' was released in the UK. It was their debut release in the UK and knocked Abba's 'Dancing queen' off the No 1 spot, the single would be at the top of the charts for the next 4 weeks.

Although they had further hit singles across europe this band never managed to cross the pond, would this be down to their record label EMI, the bands management or promoters, this is something of a mystery because if they had crossed the pond then they may have received the recognition they deserved.

I have picked out some performances of 'Pussycat' for you to cast your own opinions, one of which was their only UK No 1 so I will begin with...'Love in September'

Now we have 'I'll be your Woman'

Moving on with 'Blue lights in my eyes'

What about a 'Smile'

Something a little different now with 'Boulevard de la Madeleine'

And last but not least their only UK No 1 'Mississippi' 

This has been the music of Pussycat a Dutch group that never achieved the recognition they deserved, other singles include hits such as Daddy, My broken souvenirs, Home, Georgie and Teenage queenie to name but a few, thanks for reading and of course listening, you are also welcome to comment if you choose.

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Picture Credit: Toni Wille

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#5 @Andrew Porter You put a "Smile" in my ear was a play on the song of Pussycat. Thanks for doing so!

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Andrew Porter 30/11/2016 · #6

#3 It is amazing some of the bands we hear singing in english that we naturally assume they are either from the UK or US, there are many musically talented bands from many countries that we may be unaware of, and its a pretty good reason to highlight such bands in a buzz. Thanks @Franci Eugenia Hoffman for commenting.

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#2 @Gert Scholtz shouldn't that be smiling from ear to ear, glad I put a 'smile' on your face thanks Gert!

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#1 I've said it before Randy, there are bands who we have forgotten about or people are not aware of, Mississippi takes me back to the long hot record breaking summer of '76' and it seems a mystery how this band never achieved success out of Europe, yes they may not be to everyone's taste but they certainly came out with songs that had meaning...glad you liked and thanks for commenting!


Wow! Thank you for the memories. I love Shocking Blue and didn't realize these groups came from the Netherlands. Some great talent!!

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Gert Scholtz 30/11/2016 · #2

@Andrew Porter Don't I remember them. You have put a "Smile" in my ear - great article Andrew.

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