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Song Titles Relating to Flowers!!....Is this Horticulture or Music?

Song Titles Relating to Flowers!!....Is this Horticulture or Music?

Whilst browsing my music library looking for songs I noticed that quite a few of the songs mentioned rose or roses in the title...'thought bubble' what an unusual idea for a buzz! songs that incorporate plants in their titles, how will this work?

Well there are many who are probably aware that I'm a horticulturist but I have also produced a few music buzzes as this is another passion of mine, I'm just not sure how this will work as I am going to introduce the song with the plant that is in the song title, so I will either come out of this smelling of roses or worst case scenario manure!!

I have chosen five songs by some well known artists that mention plants in the song title, although some of the songs may not be so well known....let's see how it goes.

Number 1. ROSE

A Genus of around 150 species of semi-evergreen, or deciduous, perennial shrubs and climbers, which have been in cultivation for many centuries, and as we all know every rose has its thorn Oh dear! plus they come in various colours and are most fragrant and used for many occasions. Here are 10 Award Winning ROSES 

And this is just one of many songs that mentions Rose in it's title, it is by Poison and is called 'Every rose has its thorn' this is from their second album 'Open up and say...Ahh!'