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The Dark Winter days and how you can brighten them up!

The Dark Winter days and how you can brighten them up!

As summer once again fades in to autumn I thought I would give this buzz an update, because winter is just around the corner...and so as the trees now turn colour from green to brown, gold, red and orange (which reminds me of beBee!) we should look at how we can add some of that colour back to our gardens, because once all that lovely autumn colour has finally gone there is nothing much left in our gardens except maybe some evergreen shrubs or remnants of some herbaceous plants that have now turned brown for the winter.

Winter can be dull and depressing at the best of times and your garden won't seem particularly inviting, but by adding some brightness, it will make the garden more inviting, encouraging you to go outdoors which will certainly boost your mood, just create a cosy area on your patio with heaters and candles where you can sit, relax, and take in the view of the bright winter colours of the plants.

Hopefully the following selection may give you some ideas of what you may like to add to bring back the colour to your gardens over the winter and into spring, there are numerous bulbs such as Snow Drops, Crocus, Daffodils and Tulips the title picture are Viola and will complement any of the bulbs mentioned they also look good in planters....but let me introduce you to some plants that will brighten up the darkest Winter day, first we have Daphne....

The Dark Winter days and how you can brighten them up!

Daphne is a deciduous semi-evergreen or evergreen shrub, two varieties to look out for are D. bholua the flowers of this variety are fragrant white flushed with purple and pink, and are produced in late winter. Another one of interest is D. odora this is a rounded evergreen shrub that bears fragrant deep purple pink and white flowers from mid winter to early spring...lovely, the second up is Japanese Quince or Chaenomeles....

The Dark Winter days and how you can brighten them up!

These are deciduous spiny shrubs and are grown for their early flowers they are best grown against a wall which gives a better effect, one to watch out for is C. x superba this one is rounded with spreading branches it has abundant clusters of orange scarlet flowers from spring through to summer that will warm any grey day....let's try a bit of yellow now with Mahonia....

The Dark Winter days and how you can brighten them up!

Mahonia's are evergreen shrubs that are grown for their fragrant flowers and handsome foliage, one to watch out for is the more common M. japonica which has fragrant pale yellow flowers from late autumn through to early spring, and will keep the colour going in any dark garden...let us continue with the yellow theme for a moment and Winter jasmine....

The Dark Winter days and how you can brighten them up!

Jasminum are a species of evergreen shrubs and climbers and for winter colour one should choose J. nudiflorum this is a deciduous shrub which has bright yellow flowers that are produced before the leaves in late winter or early spring these are lovely I have one in my garden....finally a slight change from shrubs with a winter flowering evergreen climber and a Clematis....

The Dark Winter days and how you can brighten them up!

Best variety is C. cirrhosa, this is an early flowering evergreen climber its leaves are slightly bronze underneath it produces open cup shaped cream flowers sometimes with red flecks that can be single or in clusters in late winter or early spring, the flowers are followed by attractive seed heads, great in a planter on a patio.

Here are a few more plants that will brighten up a garden during the winter time:

Winter aconite



Winter flowering cherry

Witch hazel

Skimmia japonica

Hopefully this buzz will have now given you some inspiration for brightening up your garden during the dark dull winter months and get you outdoors which will benefit your mood, thanks to all for reading this has been your resident Horticulturist if you feel like adding a comment you are more than welcome...

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