Colors of the Sea - Краски моря

Why the Red Sea is so popular? Follow of divers in Egypt and Sudan does not stop. Even with existing difficulties Even with the problems in those countries. 

The answer is easy. You can get just by looking at the water's edge. Here you will see a different color. Bright, saturated and sometimes even poisonous. And doesn't matter, that most of the colors change and disappear with the depth. It's giving way to shades of blue and green. But if the water is really clear, you will love these transitions blue, which dissolve the sun's rays and various sea creatures.

Почему даже при имеющихся сложностях Красное море остается так популярно? Ответ легко можно получить, всего лишь заглянув под кромку воды. Здесь вы увидите другой цвет. Яркий, насыщенный иногда даже яд