Anees Zaidi en Directors and Executives, Social Media, Managers Senior Executive Manager • Integrated Visions Group 14/5/2016 · 1 min de lectura · 2,7K

Glimpses of life before Internet.

Technology has made our lives much easier, more comfortable and more knowledgeable but it has taken away the child's innocence from us.

Mohammed A. Jawad 15/5/2016 · #8

The big question is: Will internet doom our lives? Yes, if the usage exceeds more than the actual requirement. :)

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Anees Zaidi 15/5/2016 · #7

#1 Thanks @Dean Owen for your comment. Such childhood activities were found every where. But alas these are vanishing now. Earlier personal enjoyment was closely enterwined with physical activities. Very sadly now we see even a toddler playing with ipad and parents busy on their cell phones.

Anees Zaidi 15/5/2016 · #6

#4 Yes @Ali Anani beautiful nostalgic moments so close to our hearts.

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Anees Zaidi 15/5/2016 · #5

#3 Dear @Qamar Ali Khan I am happy that I could bring back to you your nostalgic childhood moment. Thanks also for sharing these moments with others.

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Great and you brought many childhood memories back @Anees Zaidi. WOnderful illustrations as well

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Qamar Ali Khan 14/5/2016 · #3

Beautiful, just beautiful @Anees Zaidi! You have truly represented our cultural beauties. Despite of all the technological take overs, we still see glimpses of this great childhood culture here and there. But, it's surely vanishing. It must not! Thank you so very much!

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eronilda silva 14/5/2016 · #2

Verdade! A cada o ser humano fica mas longe, um do outro sem perceber.

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Dean Owen 14/5/2016 · #1

So true @Anees Zaidi. Kites are being replaced by iPads. In Iraq kiting, or to be precise kite fighting is a very popular sport. I always though hopscotch was uniquely Western, but I have seen children in almost every country play it. Will obesity be the downfall of Western society?

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