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The Knock of the Rainbow Vessel

The Knock of the Rainbow Vessel

It was a curious dream. I was sleeping in my penthouse. In my deep sleep I heard a gentle knock at my room’s window. I saw a beaming light gleaming in through window panes.

‘Who is that?’ I bubbled.

‘It’s me, ‘The Rainbow Vessel’, please let me in’.

‘You are too big to enter through this window’ I shot back. I was in no mood to disturb my sleep.

‘Don’t worry I have a supple structure. I will squeeze down to fit in.'

Grudgingly and without moving from my cosy bed I made an ajar in the window. The rainbow vessel sailed inside the room like Water.

The room glared up with beaming light filled with rainbow shades. Now I can’t remain on my bed. In excitement and curiosity I jumped out. The vessel was floating in my room like a merry-go-around.

‘Wouldn’t you offer me a place to anchor?’ I heard a little whisper.

‘Oh Yes, why not?’

By now I became more generous and hospitable. I gently anchored the vessel to my Decorated Chair near the window.

Days kept moving and slowly I developed an eternal bond for the ‘Rainbow Vessel’. I will not let it go. I moved it to a quiet place in my penthouse. Beauty lies in the calmness of the shades. I am giving them a calm and quite environment. I sit with them, play with them, mix my shades with Rainbow shades and paint my dreams.

Few days back I observed a strange phenomenon. The 'Green' in the rainbow slowly took the shape of a leaf and finally turned into a 'Caterpillar'. The scene was so exciting it awaken the 'child' inside me to paint the picture of my GrandPa’s Garden.

One day I found my room illuminating with golden beams. The Yellow was changing curves spreading hopes, aspirations, ambition and passion.

‘Red’ symbolises ‘Love’. I heard ‘Red’ murmuring in my ear ‘I Love You’. The murmur took me to an expectant mother singing a mellifluous song ‘My Bonding with My Foetus’.

My penthouse is now converted into a laboratory. Every day different shades mix, mate and breed here. My room is full of colourful stories, memoires and beautiful portraits.

'Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success'
Henry Ford

I dedicate this post to Ali Anani whose 'Rainbow Vessel' loaded with knowledge, wisdom and intellect anchors at different ports at the same time. 

Anees Zaidi 4/7/2016 · #24

Thank you @Jean L. Serio, CPC, CMC. Since that day I keep my window slightly open. Who knows when and which shade may knock the window. I don't want to miss the beauty of varying shades appearing on beBee ever day.

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What a wonderful share @Anees Zaidi. As you suggest, we must be open to the 'The Rainbow Vessel', in order to partake of its many wonders. Excellent advice.

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Anees Zaidi 3/7/2016 · #22

#21 Dear @Fatima Williams I am glad you liked my dream. I am sorry I missed to cc you. I think I have to make a standard list to avoid missing minds like you.

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Each one of us have a rainbow and I really love the way your rainbow brings joy,togetherness and hope. Loved reading this honey filled buzz. Thank you @Anees Zaidi You light up the world inside and outside of you !

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#18 I appreciate your brotherhood dear @Qamar Ali Khan

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Anees Zaidi 3/7/2016 · #19

#18 Dear brother @Qamar Ali Khan I am happy you liked my dream. Different shades are scattered around us. This is we who has to play around with those shades like a child, mix our colors and paint our own pic. Beauty lies in mixing of different shades. I appreciate your extensive sharing of this post. Thank you very much.

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Qamar Ali Khan 3/7/2016 · #18

Great dedication to @Ali Anani! This is a very fascinating post, based on very sincere thoughts and wishes @Anees Zaidi! I'm totally in agreement with your desires depicted in this colorful post. Humanity has multiple colors and every color has it own uniqueness and beauty. No color is better than the other. Every color is the best. No judge needed. We all know this. But must recognize and accept the reality to make this world as beautiful as a rainbow. Thanks for spreading such meaningful messages!

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#16 @Anees Zaidi- you asked and partly answered "? Isn't it that if we are passionate for something we start dreaming it? Surely is, as I have many times dreamt my dream and it became then real

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