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The Smoke of Lamp

The Smoke of Lamp

'The intoxication of creative writing is not new to me
A chronic addict I am to smoke of lamp'
'Ghalib'. Translation in English by Dr. Sarfaraz K. Niazi

I dedicate the above verse to two most creative writers I have come across on beBee - Ali Anani and Sara Jacobovici.

They are the 'caretakers of the lamp of intellectualism''. I see them 'addicted' to the smoke (visionary thoughts) of the oil lamp ( the source of illumination).

Not a single particle of the earth of their garden is useless. The pathway in their garden is lit with blooming flowers.

The scent of the flower, the sighs of the heart and the smoke from the lamp of your assembly;

Whosoever wandered out of your gathering; departed perturbed ('anxious')

'Ghalib' (Translation in English by Dr. Sarfaraz K. Niazi

Sara Jacobovici 4/7/2016 · #7

#6 "This is the voice of my internal sound." Wow. Going to read right away @Ali Anani.

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#5 Thank you @Sara Jacobovici. I have just responded to your last buzz in a buzz. Meanwhile, I decided to respond to @Anees Zaidi in my next buzz. This is the voice of my internal sound

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Sara Jacobovici 4/7/2016 · #5

I am truly moved and humbled by the beauty of your Buzz @Anees Zaidi. To say you honour me is understated. @Ali Anani has challenged me (as usual) to find the words to say thank you. As I knew I would not be able to utter the rights words, I found them in Carl Jung. I feel that this gratitude quote reflects the feelings and images in yours Anees. I hope you do too.

"One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child." Carl Jung

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#3 Dear brother @Anees Zaidi- I am responding in a buzz that I am writing now.

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Anees Zaidi 4/7/2016 · #3

Dear brother @Ali Anani I could not find words better than those expressed in the above verse. The beauty of our journey with you and @Sara Jacobovici is it keeps us curious, wandering and yearning. At the risk of repeating I will say again: 'Whosoever wandered out of your gathering; departed perturbed ('anxious').

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It is amazing as at this moment i am trying to collect my thoughts while writing a buzz only to get notification of your buzz my brother @Anees Zaidi. The line I am writing is sound coming from air trapped in a test tube and heat by a light source. I find your buzz on the oil lamp as the heating and illuminating source. We may use light to generate sounds. Your buzz generated the sound of gratitude and appreciation in me. I am humbled by your illumination dear Anees. May be @Sara Jacobovici find a better way of saying thank you.
I am so humbled to click the share button, but sharing my love feeling to you is a source of pride.

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