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What is Your Body REALLY Trying to Tell You?

What is Your Body REALLY Trying to Tell You?

Does anyone else with a day job miss staying home & watching daytime TV shows like Maury? My

favorite episodes were the ones with headlines like “Tina is terrified of cotton balls” or “Jack can’t stand

to even LOOK at pictures of pickles” – cut to some unlucky intern who agreed to cover themselves in

cotton balls or pickles descending the stairs & lumbering towards the poor phobic guest as they lost

their minds in terror….

But how about the episodes featuring guests with bizarre eating habits? Like the woman who would sit

on her couch & munch on the foam padding inside of it like popcorn? Or the woman who can’t stop

eating cat treats? These extreme cases of food cravings for inedible objects are known as “Pica”, but the

fact is that most people experience food cravings on a regular basis (albeit, more mundane ones). Like a

ticking time bomb, an ill-timed craving can bust even the most resolved dieter, but have you ever

considered that your body may be using these specific urges to tell you something?

There are many theories floating around about food cravings and why we experience them, but one

particularly interesting idea is that the desire for specific types of food may actually be a symptom of

vitamin or mineral deficiencies within our bodies body. “What?” you ask “You mean my body’s not just

conspiring to ensure I don’t fit into that itty bitty teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini by Summer?” Not

necessarily. Think of all of the functions in our body that happen without any conscious thought; from

breathing to heartrate, heck, even though being pregnant is an intense 9 months, a woman’s body is

smart enough to figure the entire thing out and grow a whole new person inside of her without any

conscious effort from her whatsoever. So going by this theory, here are a few of the most common food

cravings & what your body may be trying to tell you…

Chocolate – A natural mood elevator & anxiety-relieving treat, a lot of people reach for chocolate as a

comfort food. What you may not know is that daydreaming at your desk about the dark or milky

decadence may be a sign that your tanks are running low on magnesium. Some foods that might help

feed this need without the excess sugar coma include, but are not limited to pumpkin seeds (I love them

in yogurt) & other raw nuts, wheat bran, artichoke, & legumes.

If it’s the fizzy stuff you’re fantasizing about, you might be lacking in the calcium department. Craving

carbonated drinks (soda, cola, pop, coke, or whatever they call it in your ho