Eye Makeup: How To Look Perfect On A Lazy Day

Eye Makeup: How To Look Perfect On A Lazy Day

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?  If you’ve been out all night and need to get an instant beauty rebound fast — as in under 15 minutes fast — and you’re either too lazy or, don’t have as much time as usually do, do something about those tired looking eyes at least.  You don’t want to look sick and sleep deprived for the rest of the day, do you?

When you need quick cover up, dressing up your eyes can do tons of benefits to perk up your look.  Frankly, you can do a quick dash to enhance your other features or, do it on the road.  Follow these five steps to light up your eyes even when you’re too lazy to open them up.  Yawn!

Step 1:  Cleanse, tone and moisturize.  

It’s three steps in one go and the phase you should never miss no matter how tired you are.  Get those impurities and grease off of your face so that your makeup can do the amazing things it can do to your skin.  Moisturize your eye area with an eye gel or any lightweight moisturizer or even an eye cream like nova derm that won’t let your eye make up slide.

You cannot apply the perfect looking makeup idea wihout having the perfect skin.

Step 2.  Correct and conceal.  

You cannot apply the perfect makeup ideas wihout having the perfect skin.  Blot out those dark under eye circles, puffy eyes and other skin discoloration around your eye area with a good combination of foundation and concealer.  A pink-pigmented concealer will come in handy when making up for those purplish dark under eyes.  If you don’t have one yet, get a salmon-colored blush or eye powder or, a pinkish non-matte, non-glittery lipstick.  Brush and spread around your eyes then top with your nude concealer.  You’ll be surprised your eyes suddenly come to life.

If you have darker skin, do the same trick with either a red or orange pigmented concealer or, a lipstick, blush or eye makeup in the same shades.

Step 3.  Let your products sit for a while as you groom your eyebrows.  

Get your eyebrows in the right shape before you shade.  If you have light skin, use an eyebrow color that is one to two t