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Get Bigger and Stronger Arms Follow This 4 Evergreen Exercises

Is that your dream to build bigger awesome biceps? if yes then you are at right place! We have made research and limited the exercises for bigger biceps
4 practices for best and overwhelming result.

Many people has misunderstanding that biceps has direct proportion to heavy weights. And the weight exercise like chin ups on Chin up bar are indirect practice to hit your biceps and triceps. but that is not the case. it has more result that you think.

Here are some moves suggestion that directly target most of your arm muscle and you will see after some weeks of regular Exercise, your arms will be in attractive shapes that is you always wanted.

Here you need to focus on negative portion of the activity and perform it intentionally and gradually while getting  most of your chin ups. Chin ups negative portion activity means the movement where you came down with your body and your muscle extends/ stretch. keep in mind that slow development put more strain on your muscle which will assure you keep developing the attractive shape all through the process and match the activity to your wellness, also put yourself
,distance from any kind of injury or damage.

The Curl Free Biceps Workout

This Exercise come in your pulling movement with various types of grips and little bit of directional change to hit each and every area of your arms. do each activity constantly depending upon your strength, then rest for 2/3  minutes, and finish the remaining rounds.

Weighted Chin Ups, 6 Reps

In this Exercise you need to take 3 seconds to bring your body down and only 1 second to lift your body up

V-Grip Pulldowns, 12 reps 

In this one you need to connect a V-hold  connection to lat pull down station after that you need to sit at the station with your middle upright b putting your arms straight. Put your Grief on the handles with your palms confronting each other, Without your middle,
Free Standing Pull up Bar