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How to Grow Taller?

We all want to grow taller, get stronger, smarter, but real question many people face is how to grow taller? or how to get taller?

Sure there is no shortcut to grow taller but here are few tips which will help you in that.

Eat right food

A good diet filled with plenty of healthy nutrients and proteins help us to grow healthy, strong and reach our full height. That means staying away from the sodas, cakes and pizzas and reaching for the whole grains, salads and fish. If person is having trouble motivating himself or herself to eat these foods, search for different recipes and look for combinations of food that he or she find appealing.

Remember that healthy balanced diet include all sorts of vegetables, fruit, grains and milk.

Proteins are the building blocks of the things that help us grow taller and healthier. So eating a sufficient amount of foods from the protein group is important if person want to grow taller.

The recommended amount varies by gender, age and how much exercise we get.

  • Girls aged 10-20 are recommended the equivalent of 6 ounces daily.

  • Boys aged 10-15 are recommended the equivalent of 6 ounces daily.

  • Boys aged 16-20 are recommended 7.5 equivalent ounces daily.

  • Protein foods in