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List of Top 10 eCommerce development companies

List of Top 10 eCommerce development companies

Are you a businessperson ready to scale up your store with an eCommerce platform? Are you on the lookout for the best partners to help implement your eCommerce ideas? Read on to find the best eCommerce development companies best for your business needs.

But before we dive in, here is an overview. eCommerce sales are expected to grow up to $4.48 trillion by the year 2021, as compared to its total of $1.86 trillion in 2016. With myriad businesses integrating eCommerce into their line of services, top eCommerce companies are in high demand today. Chances are; even you ended up here looking for the top eCommerce development company to fulfill your business needs.

So here is a list of the top eCommerce companies created after a thorough research on certain research parameters, which include:

Based on the above-mentioned key parameters, the top eCommerce development companies are as follows:

Google Search Analysis

Work history and Portfolio of the company

Contact with the company’s clients for ascertaining client satisfaction levels

1. Pixelcrayons

Founded: 2004

Key platforms of expertise: Magento development, WooCommerce development, OpenCart development, ASP.NET Storefront, NopCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify.

Top Clients: Adobe, Puma, WB

PixelCrayons is a 14-year old top eCommerce development company focused on eCommerce website design and development. What makes PixelCrayons stand at the top is its impressive 97% client retention rate. The eCommerce development team at PixelCrayons has an average of 5 years of experience, which may well be one reason for its high client satisfaction levels. Another advantage for clients offered by PixelCrayons is its 100% money-back guarantee on dissatisfaction.

2. Finoit


Founded: 2010

Key platforms of expertise: Wordpress development, Magento development.

Top Clients: 2Way, ICICI Bank, Hansen Technologies

Finoit is a top eCommerce company focused on eCommerce website design services for its clients. The company works based on two important parameters for its clients: Ensuring Shopping Freedom for customers and increasing ROI of clients. Finoit has till date delivered over 200 projects through its 20+ team of developers. The company has delivered eCommerce solutions to over 80 clients and has managed to create a high level of trust for itself in the industry.

3. Ranosys Technologies

Founded: 2008

Key platforms of expertise: Magento development, WooCommerce, Shopify

Top Clients: Epson, D-Link, Shell

Ranosys Technologies is a top eCommerce company which delivers end-to-end eCommerce development support to its clients. Ranosys relies on its extensive technical expertise to deliver the best enterprise solutions. As far as eCommerce development is concerned, the company has a great deal of expertise in the Magento eCommerce platform. It has a 30+ team of expert developers with an average experience of 5+ years.

4. IndGlobal Digital Private limited

Founded: 2010

Key platforms of expertise: Magento development, OpenCart, PrestaShop

Top Clients: Bosch, Larsen & Toubro, Unilever

IndGlobal digital is top eCommerce company which makes the best use of its IT resources to deliver eCommerce Development solutions to its clients. With a good clientele and 8 years of experience in eCommerce development, the company has developed quite a good reputation for itself in the industry. The company's approach to handling projects is quite unique. Instead of adopting a rigid approach towards its eCommerce development services, IndGlobal arranges its development process as per the requirements of its clients.

5. GoodWork Labs

Founded: 2013

Key platforms of expertise: Magento development, WooCommerce, Shopify, Spree

Top Clients: Flipkart, Myntra, Manyawar

GoodWork Labs is a top eCommerce company with a varied degree of expertise in eCommerce development. The company has its offices in India and USA. It seeks to deliver eCommerce development services through custom apps, building on existing platforms such as Magento development and Shopify. Another unique aspect about GoodWork Labs is its current focus on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). The company believes in the advantages of low bandwidth connectivity and easy accessibility offered by the platform and thus helps its clients in the development of PWAs for eCommerce.

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6. Verve Logic

Founded: 2007

eCommerce Platforms used: Magento development, WooCommerce, WordPress

Top Clients: Comcast, JP. Morgan, VanityX

Verve Logic is a top eCommerce company with over 85  members under its belt working towards continuous improvement of its services. Within its eCommerce development services, the company has attained mastery over WordPress and Magento development. With its result-driven approach in the development of custom eCommerce solutions, the company strives to deliver responsive eCommerce website design and a functional shopping cart integration.

7. Sparx IT Solutions

Founded: 2007

eCommerce Platforms used: Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, eCommerce

Top Clients: Unilever, BMW, Yamaha

Sparx IT Solutions is a top eCommerce company based in India. The 11-year-old company has over 9100 satisfied customers till date. This eCommerce website design company focuses on building eCommerce platforms integrated with payment getaways, shopping carts, plug-ins & modules along with website maintenance and support. Sparx uses 100% responsive website themes to create an attractive and customizable user interface for its clients’ eCommerce websites.

8. Contus

Founded: 2008

eCommerce Platforms used: Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop

Top Clients: Zaamor, Flook, My Everything Halal

Contus solutions is a top eCommerce company providing end-to-end eCommerce development services for its clients. Its clientele is spread across 40 countries and served by 300+ engineers. Contus has developed over 80 mobile and web products within 9 years of its inception. This company originated in a bootstrapped form and stands tall today with its 350+ employee workforce.

9. Net Solutions

Founded: 2000

eCommerce Platforms used: Magento, WooCommerce

Top Clients: PayPal, Euro Car Parts, ZXU

Net Solutions is a top eCommerce company with high expertise in Magento Development. The company employs a team of highly proficient Magento developers to assist its clients in eCommerce development using the platform. With over 18 years of experience under its belt, Net Solutions place key emphasis on its pillars of Build, Design, Growth, and Consulting.

10. Embitel

Founded: 2005

eCommerce Platforms used: Hybris, Magento, PIMCORE

Top Clients: Malabar Golds & Diamonds,, X-cite

Embitel is a full-cycle eCommerce development company based in Bangalore, India. The company has over 10 years of experience in eCommerce development. Over the years, Embitel has generated a special focus on Magento development and currently has over 58 certified Magento 2 developers. The company offers full-cycle eCommerce solutions from consulting to designing and hosting the developed eCommerce website.

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eCommerce stands today as one of the most successful industries on the back of progress made by companies such as Amazon. If you’re an entrepreneur aspiring for higher levels of success through an eCommerce platform, these top eCommerce development companies should help your business catapult itself to the top.

Feel free to write down your suggestions and recommendations in the comments below. If you know of any other companies that I may add on to this list, do let me know with a brief description of the suggested company. I will add them to the list after scrutinizing and research based on the above-mentioned parameters. I hope this list is helpful for those looking for the best eCommerce development companies. Chao!

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