Top 10 Companies for Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

In this age of information, the importance of Web and Software development is immense. It is what constitutes and creates a stage for the services of a business. But for many companies, and especially in the case of those with a non-IT expertise, software development is a major concern.

Top 10 Companies for Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

This is where the hiring of a Dedicated Development team makes great sense. Such a team can be handled by the client, yet the efforts to hire and assemble them wouldn’t have to be undertaken by them. A company providing a dedicated development team can make it easier for clients to express their interests, concerns and have a proficient team working according to their requirements outside the client’s offices.

    However, in order to make the best use of the advantages offered by a dedicated web development team, you need to know the best companies to put your investment into. The choice of a good company isn’t simple though. You need to know about their experience, reputation, reviews of clients, analyse their case studies, and a lot of further research before you finally get to the best choice.

    Don’t fret, i’ve made the task simpler for you by creating a list of top companies having dedicated development team based on a few strict parameters. These will serve as filters to reveal the best providers offering Dedicated Development team for web and software development.

        The parameters on which the ranking for companies offering the best dedicated development team is as follows:

          • Google Keyword Analysis
          • Reviews and rating on &
          • The company’s work history and current portfolio
          • Rating of Clients’ experience with companies based on personal interaction
          • VFM rating based on the rates charged by the companies

          1. Ciklum  

          Ciklum is a Digital Solution company for Fortune 500 companies as well as organizations with a fast pace of growth. With over 3000+ developers working in 5 delivery centres across the world. it offers both nearshore and offshore dedicated development team services to its clients.

          Services & Solutions Provided by Ciklum: Outsourcing software development, Enterprise App Development, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance, Security, R&D, Big Data & Analytics, Dedicated Development Team.

          Technologies used: Visual C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, .NET.

          2. PixelCrayons

          PixelCrayons has been growing rapidly since its inception in 2004, and as of today it claims to have a 97% client retention rate. Having provided its services to over 4800+ clients spanning across the globe, the 450+ employee company has completed over 11,500 projects with 70% CAGR over the past 3 years. The company also promises a 99% on-time delivery promise on IT projects fulfilled by its dedicated development team.

          Services & Solutions provided by PixelCrayons: Full-cycle Web Development, Blockchain Development, IoT development, Custom Software Development Services, Mobile App development, Hybrid App development services, Software Product Development, IT Consulting and Strategy, UI/UX Design, E-Commerce Development, Front-end Development, CMS Development, Application Maintenance and Support, Dedicated Development Team.

          Development Technologies used:

          For web: Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, SharePoint, Python

          For mobile: Android, iOS, Xamarin, PhoneGap, React-Native, AR-VR

          E-Commerce: Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, ASP .NET StoreFront, NopCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify

          CMS: Drupal, Wordpress, Umbraco, .NetNuke, Sitefinity, Kentico

          JavaScript: Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js, Node.js

          3. N-ix 

          Dedicated development team services are a key expertise of N-ix. Its services have been working proficiently towards upgrading R&D departments of multiple leading organizations and blooming startups. The Eastern European IT Outsourcing provider has over 800 software development professionals in its Ukrainian and Polish service centers.

          Services and solutions provided by N-ix: Dedicated Development Team, Software Product Development, Mobile Application Development, Opentext Professional Services, SAP Consulting, Game Development and VR, Game art Production, Software QA & Testing, Technical Support.

          Development Technologies used: Java, Scala, .NET, JavaScript, Unity 3D, Hybris, Python, Ruby, C/C++, Unreal Engine, PHP, iOS.

          4. ValueCoders

          ValueCoders delivers IT Outsourcing services to its clients which include Startups, Enterprises, Digital Agencies and Governments. With an experience spanning over 13 years, it claims to have a 96% customer retention rate and over 2500 satisfied customers worldwide.

          Services and Solutions provided by ValueCoders: Application Development, Software Product Development, IT Strategy and Consulting, Application Maintenance, Application Modernization, Testing & QA, Co-development, Dedicated Development Team.

          Development Technologies used:

          For Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin, React-Native, AR

          For Web: PHP, Java, .NET, Python, Laravel

          Javascript: Node.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js

          5. Intellectsoft 

          Intellectsoft initiated its services as an app development firm in 2007, and later expanded its business and now also provides software development services additionally. Within over 10 years of its inception, it has set-up 6 offices across the world and employs over 350 people. Its dedicated development team provides options of either onshore, offshore and nearshore delivery for its projects.

          Services and Solutions provided by Intellectsoft: AR Development, Blockchain Development, IoT development, Cloud computing, AR development, Artificial Intelligence, Product Engineering, Mobile App Development, Consulting, UI/UX Design, Dedicated Development Team.

          Development Technologies used:

          For mobile: iOS, Xamarin, Hybrid, Android

          Web Development: Java, .NET, PHP, JavaScript

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          6. Intellias 

          A key focus on the engineering team is one of the USP’s of Intellias. It mostly provides its services to technology companies in Europe and North America. It boasts of a highly flexible team which allows for transparency in decision-making and interaction between clients and the developers. After 16 years since its inception, it now has 3 offices in Ukraine and a delivery center in Berlin, Germany.

          Services and Solutions provided by Intellias: SaaS Development, Mobile App development, Software Development, IoT Development, Data Science & Big data, UX/UI Design, Dedicated Development Team.

          Development Technologies used: Angular.js, Xamarin, Cordova, Swift.

          7. Finoit 

          Finoit is a custom software development company founded in 2010. Its services are mostly catered to enterprises and startups. While initially it only focused on web development and mobile application development, it has now expanded its services and now focuses on IoT development as its USP.

          Services and Solutions provided by Finoit: Web Application Development, IoT development,Product Engineering, Digital Transformation Consulting, Cross-platform mobile App development, Dedicated Development Team.

          Development Technologies used: .NET, LAMP, open-source CMS, Java, Blockchain Application development.

          8. Oxagile 

          Headquartered in New York, Oxagile is a web development company with over 12 years of experience. It boasts of having expertise in all major platforms and programming tech stacks. It utilizes its services to create a digital transformation in SMEs and Global corporations. In addition to Business analysis and prototyping, it also offers consulting services in diverse verticals.

          Services and Solutions offered by Oxagile: Custom Software Development, Cross-platform Mobile App development, Web App development, Software Testing and QA, Automated Testing, Dedicated Development Team.

          Development Technologies used: Android app Development, iOS app development

          UI Frameworks: Bootstrap, Jquery UI, Kendo UI

          JavaScript frameworks: React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js

          9. iFlexion 

          iFlexion keeps its focus on enhancing its productivity optimization, and has had a decent amount of growth ever since its inception in 1999. The company employs 70 specialists exclusive to its dedicated development team and provides its services to all types of companies; from startups to large enterprises.

          Services and Solutions offered by iFlexion: Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Application Integration, Application security, QA & Testing, Maintenance and support, Dedicated Development Team.

          Development Technologies used: .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Frontend, Backend, Cloud, Mobile Platforms.

          10. Existek

          Existek is a relatively new firm in this field, but it has progressed at an amazing rate since its inception in 2012. Its primary motto is to bring the ideas of clients in fruition and deliver to the best of their expectations. Its an offshore software development company, hence its key expertise is in software product outsourcing.

          Services and Solutions offered by Existek: Custom Software Development, IT Consulting, Software Product Development, Web Application Development, Blockchain Development, Dedicated Development Team

          Development Technologies used: .NET, Java, Ruby

          Front-end: AngularJS, React, React-Native, Vue.js

          The above list mentioned the best companies for hiring a dedicated development team. The companies were selected based on the research parameters mentioned above, and I can personally suggest any of these companies on the list without a second thought.

          However, if you have anything else to recommend, feel free to message me. If found suitable, I will implement your suggestions to the list.

          I hope this list helps you make a better choice and hire an expert dedicated development team to fulfill your needs.

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