4 Elements of Digital Marketing Mix

Back in the day, there was no such thing as the digital marketing agency; there were only traditional marketing agencies. With the advent of new technologies and business trends, digital evolution has significantly transformed the marketing world. Such is its impact that businesses are growing at a much faster pace than ever. After more than 10 years, digital marketing has now become mandatory for the success of any business venture, whether small or big. And if your business doesn’t keep up with it, it will be left behind.

4 Elements of Digital Marketing Mix

What is Digital Marketing Mix?

The four P’s of marketing namely – Promotion, Price, Place, and Products – work perfectly well in the digital world as well. Aside from this, the extended P’s – People, Process, and Physical evidence - are also in the digital marketing mix. To understand the behavior of the customer online and create strategies to reach them, digital marketing provides numerous methods. Some of these methods are listed below-

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – SEO- is the process of making any webpage/website easy to discover over search engines so that customers can find your business among several others. It is basically concerned with improving the quality of your website and making it more user-friendly. In today’s competitive market, SEO has become extremely important for the optimum growth of any business. Optimizing your website will give you an advantage of reaching more people organically and get more returns on investment.

2. Social Media Marketing – Social Media as a marketing tool is capable of giving your business the necessary exposure. Whatever is your industry and audience, social media marketing doesn’t differentiate. When you are posting about your products and services across various social media channels, your followers (who are primarily interested in your business) will instantly get an update. Not only this, Social Media helps you understand the taste of your customers. Once you understand them, you can obviously write more compelling content, which leads to more traffic, and eventually improve your sales conversions.

3. Content Marketing To communicate with your users more effectively, you need to create better content. In today’s digital marketplace, it is extremely important that businesses build trust with their customers and great content is the key to achieve that. When people read about your business positively, they will have the similar image in their minds. When you consistently publish quality content, customers perceive you as the leader in the industry. Content marketing helps in connecting with your target audience and educate them, which would eventually help them to take better decisions while buying.

4. ORM (Online Reputation Management) – Your online reputation is how others perceive you when they see you online. It means analyzing what a potential customer will discover about your brand. In today’s digital world, having a negative online presence can severely impact your business. Online reputation management comes in the picture here with a mix of several techniques like online PR activities, custom content creation, removing negative reviews etc. All in all, online reputation management helps your brand grow positively.

Digital marketing has become the most rewarding forms of marketing. It has spread to almost all the business sectors in India. Whether your business needs an ORM company inIndia, or you want to optimize your website to get more organic traffic, it is always the best decision to hire a digital marketing agency for your digital marketing needs.