Commercial Plywood and its Many Different Uses

Commercial grade plywood refers to moisture-resistant plywood in India. The term doesn’t imply that the plywood is water-resistant. The term moisture resistant is related to atmospheric conditions such as humidity. This type of plywood is mostly utilized in domestic applications such as home décor and interior design. Being interior grade plywood, it’s meant for indoor usage. If you are looking for something water-resistant, then exterior grade plywood is the right choice.  Commercial plywood is the most common type of plywood available for making home and office furniture and have IS: 303 as its BIS number.

Commercial Plywood and its Many Different Uses

Possessing high internal strength, commercial-grade plywood has taken over the domestic market and plays a huge role in beautifying the interiors of office and home spaces. Mostly, they are used for making wall mounted cabinets, doors, chairs, tables, file cabinets, kitchen rooftops, and the like. What makes it easy to wrap and fold is the highest internal strength which is more than any other grade of plywood available. This improves its durability and robustness. The life of your furniture can be prolonged with the usage of proper commercial plywood. Synthetic resin and urea-formaldehyde are two common agents used for binding the layers of MR grade plywood.

It must be noted that not all commercial plywood is moisture resistant plywood. They are available in different varieties ranging from basic to MR grade. The range can vary based on features such as internal strength, durability, tensile strength, wear, and tear, etc.


  • Commercial grade plywood is highly utilized in interior décor and ensures great output. 
  • It is used for making fancy furniture where creativity is required, owing to its flexibility and resistance to wear and tear. 
  • Furniture, bookshelves and hanging lights, etc. are some of the most popular applications of commercial plywood. 
  • Thanks to the immense scope it offers, commercial-grade plywood is highly utilized as a substitute for conventional interior designing elements as metals, tiles, synthetic paints, and other materials. 
Commercial grade plywood is a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on the quality. Owing to the high tensile strength and durability that commercial-grade plywood possesses, it is one of the most preferred options amongst interior designers. It also has artistic conversion quality and makes for extremely creative structures. When buying commercial plywood, make sure to choose a reputed company such as Archidply which is also known for the best laminate sheets in town.