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Common symptoms and causes related to PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder, which is very common among women that are of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have irregular period or periods that last for days above the average number. Another common symptom is the presence of excess male hormone secretion within the body. The ovaries of such women may develop several tiny collections of fluid called cysts and hence, they fail to release eggs on a regular basis.

Common symptoms and causes related to PCOS

Although the cause of PCOS is largely unknown, early diagnosis and treatment along with healthy weight loss tips may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease that usually accompany it. It is possible that women with PCOS may also experience infertility.

Young women or women suffering from irregular periods should specifically watch out for following symptoms to be on the safer side.


First of all, signs and symptoms of the syndrome vary. Doctors make the diagnosis of PCOS when patients experience at least two of the following signs:

  • Irregular periods

Irregular or prolonged periods are a major red flag in such cases. For instance, a woman may have fewer than nine periods a year; or more than 35 days between periods or heavy and painful periods.

  • Excess androgen

Secretion of high level of male hormone in the body may result in the manifestation of physical signs, such as excess facial and body hair, severe acne and even baldness in some cases.

  • Polycystic ovaries

A woman’s ovaries may be enlarged and consist of follicles that surround the eggs. The result of which will not allow the ovaries to function properly.

It is important to note that the signs of PCOS are usually more severe in patients who are obese.


  • Excess insulin

The hormone Insulin that is produced in the pancreas allows cells to use sugar, which is a body's main supply of energy. Blood sugar levels can rise significantly if cells become resistant to the hormone; which results in the boy producing excess insulin that in turn leads to androgen production, causing issues with ovulation.

  • Low-grade inflammation

Women with PCOS have low-grade inflammation that triggers polycystic ovaries to produce androgens, which in turn leads to heart and blood vessel problems.

As per the advice of the experts, PCOS is highly interlinked with the kind of lifestyle one leads. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause severe damage to the ovaries, even if they are fully functional. In most cases, doctors advice following a healthy diet, waking up early in the morning, exercising and taking medications at right time to become healthy and fit.