Does Site Speed Influence SEO?

            Picture this: you have put in a lot of hard work to build your website and ensure it works well, has a sound structure, and comprises just the right SEO optimized content. However, before getting onto any of these and accessing your killer content, the potential visitor or the client will have to load your site first and if it takes ages to load, the chances of significant drop-offs are extremely high and only a few people will be visiting your site. Your competitors, on the other hand, must be easily accessible with no loading issues on their site, compelling all visitors to turn to them. Not investing in a fast site, therefore is similar to not caring for your customers and leaving a loophole open for them to give up on you.

            Does Site Speed Influence SEO?

            Site speed is even a greater issue on mobile. According to research conducted by Google, it takes, on an average over 15 seconds for a site to load on mobile while people expect them to load in less than three seconds before they decide to leave it altogether. Every second extra can lead to a drop in the conversion rate. That being said, here are a few reasons, according to the best SEO companies in India to improve the loading speed of your site:

            • Fast sites are easy to crawl
            • Site speed plays a role in ranking
            • Sites that load fast have higher conversion rates
            • The chances of bounce rates are lower in fast sites
            • Fast sites improve general user experience
            • Having happy customers all boils down to having an improved site speed.

            Site Speed Is A Ranking Factor:

            Google has time and again indicated that a faster site assists in a better ranking. Recently, Google came up with a “Speed update” to make site speed a ranking factor for mobile searches. There are many factors at play when improving the speed of a site. Fixing the site structure, bringing those redirects in order and cleaning up old and outdated posts is the way to go about it. Also, always invest in good hosting plans. When your servers are great and fast, you will have more work done with the help of Google bots.

            Your goal, therefore, must be to be the fastest site in your niche. The speed at which your site loads must be faster than that of your competitors. Remember that people won’t take long before hitting the back button in a split second- never to return back later.  Having a fast site not only works on improving the conversion rate but also helps build trust and brand loyalty.

            Optimizing your site for speed might not be as easy as it sounds. However, with the help of a reputed agency that has many specialties in its arsenal including social media services, you can have the job done easily.