Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a collection of strategies, techniques, and methods used to increase the number of visitors, or the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. It basically works to increase the rank of the website in the search results page so that it is more likely that a user will visit the page since people tend to restrict themselves to the first few pages of the search results. Local search engine optimization is different, as it optimizes a business’ online presence in order for its web pages to be displayed when a user enters a local search for its keywords. On the other hand, search engine optimization does the same for national and international searches as well. The methods that SEO companies in India and abroad may use are as follows:

Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation

  • Search engines make use of mathematical algorithms to know which websites are in demand, and automated robots called “spiders” or “crawlers” to find pages for their algorithmic search results. Spiders also examine links between different pages and documents. Websites that get more links or stronger ones are given more importance and are considered popular amongst consumers. Cross-linking between different pages of the website can help increase links.

  •  Generating content that includes frequently searched ‘keyword’ phrases may improve visibility, as they will be relevant to a variety of search queries. Keyword research and targeting is a service provided by SEO firms in India to allow them to write content that integrates useful keywords that would be searched commonly, to increase traffic to their pages.

  •  Updating content regularly is another way to keep search engines crawling back to find the website’s pages. A higher number of frequently updated pages, with the right keywords, will have users flowing in if they find the relevant topics and the content they are looking for.

  • The SEO company may handle technical issues such as coding errors, structural glitches and on and off-pages problems. It may also offer web analytics to track essential information by collecting and measuring web data. Mobile service such as improving the ranking of the mobile website is also necessary since most users prefer to search on their phones these days.

  •  Coming back to keywords, adding the appropriate keywords to a web page’s metadata, like the title tag and meta description can improve the relevance of the site’s search listing. This will also work towards increasing user traffic.

         These are a few methods that have been listed out. SEO offers many other benefits that help the website’s ranking                and reputation increase, and also help internet users to become potential customers.