Technological Developments In Modern Warehousing Sector

Warehousing industry is one sector which has made great use out of modern day technology as it needs to be evolved from time to time. Warehouses are a major part of the supply chain and logistics industry and therefore the most important requirement for them is that all its processes should be agile and error free.

Here are some latest technological advancements that have transformed the way supply chains work in India.

Technological Developments In Modern Warehousing Sector

Warehouse Management Software

It is a software program which helps in the staff and spacing management of a warehouse. The software helps in finding various optimal ways of space management inside the storage and distribution center. The warehouse, however big always has a limited space and if this space is not used strategically, the quick locomotion of items as well as storage of a large number of items in limited space. The manpower is also managed through this software as the work is evenly distributed among the staff members according to their specialties and abilities. This has added to the productivity of warehouses by huge margins.

High Tech Tagging

All thanks to RFID technology, things have become more than easier in modern-day warehouses. A small tag with synchronized radio frequency with the reader helps the warehouse keep the record of the presence and position of a particular item. This helps in the quicker location of items and better space management as there will a complete blueprint of the organization of goods in the warehouse. The record can be managed just by moving the reader around in the storehouse on a forklift. The warehouse spaces in Pune have been using this technology since long now.


This is a major step in reducing the manpower in the warehouses. Chain and lever processing has always been the ideal part of the manpower, however, the robotics has brought incredible change in the working tangent of the warehouse. The workflow is more precise and a lot of damage control has been made because of the use of these automated mechanics. Scientists are working to make such developments which can help reduce the use of manpower in warehouses to a bare minimum. But for now, the robotics is being used in collaboration with people. Managers of logistics parks in India make sure that they provide enough facilities if they are giving the space up for lease to install and operate these technologies.

Automated vehicles

The warehousing industry has been using heavy vehicles like forklifts and cranes in their business since long, but now with the technology of the future automated vehicle would be run inside the warehouses for transport processes. They can either be controlled from a remote location or run on a specified algorithm or artificial intelligence. This will ensure the safety of more workers as they won’t be doing much of lifting and locomotion manually. It will also save time as machines would do their work on a fixed set of instructions. The most important aspect of introducing such technology is that this will make the whole process even more cost effective which means a profitable business.

The highly efficient technological advancement in this field has helped settle many of the long persisting problems in the industry. Internet and cloud is one other advancement which has helped keep the registers out of the business. All records are now being maintained online. The reduction of labor costs, accident frequency, and time consumption has brought the warehousing industry to a new level.