Unconventional marketing strategies business owners are unaware of

In this era of digital marketing, almost everyone is looking for more subscribers, users, and sign-ups and that too quickly. Interestingly, social media marketing and SEO strategies are something that almost every company is using nowadays and in order to stand out, your marketing must truly stand out—even digitally.

There are many online reputation management and SEO firms in India that can help you build a strong presence on various digital platforms. They do this by planning some out-of-the-box creative marketing campaigns that can help you take a lead over your competitors.

 Unconventional marketing strategies business owners are unaware of

Here are some unconventional marketing ideas that you need to adopt to boost your sales.

Make a referral program

Referral marketing is the best thing to do if you wish to build a huge following in a short span of time. This way you allow your customers to promote your brand and that too willingly. It is a great way to market your products and services since 92% of consumers trust personal recommendations.

Make your product the center of attention

Making viral videos are not enough to promote your product. No matter how attractive your marketing campaign is, if it does not bring your product into limelight then it is not worth it. Make your product, the center of your marketing campaign. This one is definitely a no brainer.

Give away stickers

This is one of the unconventional marketing strategies that even the best SEO companies in Delhi do not know about. Stickers and badges give your customers a sense of ownership. If your services entail something that primarily involves something that deals with the virtual world, then giving away stickers as prices of trophies can work out well in your favor. You can use it like a referral program as well.

Get published in major publications

People may not believe something written on a website but they certainly believe in something which is credible. Getting featured in some major publication can give your website traffic a major boost. This is a great way to build a relationship with your customers.

Reach out to specific communities

Once you have figured who your audience is you can reach out to them through various social media platforms. This is what DropBox did to grow their audience from 5000 to 75000. If you are in connection with a large community online then chances of your sales to go up are definitely higher.