What makes email marketing best platform for reaching out

If somebody says that email marketing is a dead game in the marketing world then you must consider him or her a rookie. As per digital media veterans, email marketing continues to be the most reliable source for reaching and this will likely remain for quite some time.

With the advent of smart YouTube videos, Instagram stories, twitter rants, and Facebook posts, email marketing seems like a long-lost game but is it? Definitely not! Because as per real metrics people access email 85% more than search (15%) and social media (22%). Even if your audience happens to be millennials, everyone accesses their emails for everyday work.

What makes email marketing best platform for reaching out

Now that you know that email marketing is important, you must know how to apply it effectively. You can take help from digital and social media agencies if you wish but keep the given below points in your head to plan out effectively.

Ask permission and get started

If you consider yourself a reputed and credible brand then asking permission is the first step towards connecting with new people and maintaining old ones. Here is where a strong call to action and great copywriting is required. Explain what you are as a brand and what you actually stand for. Share specific information and ask for specifics too. Here are some techniques through which you can entice customers:

· Email

· Paper books

· Free downloads

· Update new products

· Awareness about new products

Don’t be afraid to promote! Entice and be specific

Follow up with great content

Email marketing is all about creating content and building expectations. After your very first email, a good follow-up is important to set things right. Daily updates, creating awareness about your newly launched products and asking people to subscribe to you is something you can expect from social media services that easily. The first follow-up is very important and more or less decides the success of your marketing campaign.

A perfect pitch is important

When you are doing email marketing, it is not just about playing around and following up with customers. You are here because you want sales and for that, you have to manoeuvre towards your pitch smoothly. Send emails, provide videos and then slowly move towards introducing your product. The first few emails are all about creating the reputation and helping the customer to know you but how effectively you are doing it comes through how effectively you are doing sales.