Why Your SEO Strategy Should Focus On Brand Building

There is no denying the fact that prominent search engines like Google have always been preferring brands. This can be well-comprehended with the help of an example – big brands are able to secure better ranking with just fewer links over the search engine while small brands do not. This is the reason that even if they get penalized for improper conduct; they get resurfaced in no time. On the other hand, if smaller brands get penalized for the same action, they are easily forgotten. Hence, it becomes important to focus on brand building while devising the SEO strategy for your brand. But if you are working with some prominent SEO agencies in Delhi already, you don’t have to worry about this aspect as they have got you covered with the strategies that would be best for your business.

Why Your SEO Strategy Should Focus On Brand Building

Branding and its relation to Search Engine Optimization

When you offer your products and services to customers, it’s not the describable features which appeal to them but the incorporeal sentiments instilled in them through the enthralling brand experience provided by you. This creates your brand identity which can help you connect with the customers beyond the substantial connotation of your products and services. In nutshell, branding is an experience which you offer to your customers. It’s your brand which makes you stand out from the crowd and help build trust among your customers.

If you're real world and the digital world don’t exhibit a clear demarcation, you must be well-acquainted with the inner workings of Google and how it determines SEO rankings in general. And if you are a curious novice here, you must begin by knowing that algorithms play a major role in calculating SEO rankings. Experts have been studying various factors to devise strategies to recognize the ranking factors including keyword in the URL, number of linking domains, page loading speed etc.

So how SEO and Branding work in tandem?

Social shares do not directly boost up your search engine rankings. If people are aware of your brand and trust it, they will share your content on social media platforms. The more shares you will get the more exposure you will enjoy and eventually, you will enhance your chances of getting more links.

Recently, Google released the full version of Search Quality Rating Guidelines that talks a lot about your website’s reputation which is generally determined by what a reputable external source says about your brand.

All in all, instead of considering branding and SEO as different entities, make them work together to achieve a bigger digital success. One of the best SEO companies in India, RepIndia, has always been very meticulous when it comes to unifying branding and SEO. As a consequence, international clothing brand United Colors of Benetton has recently appointed this agency as their digital partners to strengthen their branding.