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Four trends that will set the future of web development

Four trends that will set the future of web development

Ever since its introduction, the web has constantly been evolving like an infant. Even though the early days saw steady revolutionary web design ideas like the Mosaic and the Netscape Navigator, things are much different nowadays. The internet is continually introducing new concept and ideas every day, every month and every year. Some of them prove to be extremely efficient while the others fade away like souls. While traditional content producers may feel out of fashion with the ever-changing tendency of the internet, the future ideas and innovative trends will bring revolutionary changes in web development.

Enhanced online support:

With internet support being better and more fabulous than ever, it is essential for every online merchant to stay connected with their customers. The new age technical assistance has now introduced us to the concept of chatbots. The computer programs that interact with us either through textual or auditory method are known as chatbots. Having them for assistance allows a website to maintain a continuous contact point without setting up a 24-hour customer service section. The innovative introduction of chatbots has seen the optimisation of answering FAQs, directing us to information, and navigating us to payment portals as well.

Push notifications:

Another trend that is slowly expanding its horizon in the online spectrum is the utilisation of push notifications. This tool is extremely efficient and has proved valuable to the online sellers as they supply data about their service or products directly to the user through their browsers or mobile apps (Android) (Xiaomi). Information regarding sports score, traffic changes and weather reports have increased the use of this tool, thereby solidifying its longevity in the upcoming future. Web development tools that can offer convenience, as well as efficiency to the user, will have significant potential to flourish.

Single-page navigation:

Content management system has very recently introduced the concept of single-page websites on the web. The modern version of the site enables users to navigate through the site either via jump links or scrolling upwards and downwards. The page does not include multiple sub-links or pages for the user to visit anymore. All the information and the subject are put together in one long page. The most significant promise in this idea is the simplicity and the clarity that it brings to the user. Apart from the advantage of no perplexed navigation or deep drop down menu, this particular type of website layout also benefits the mobile browsing experience as well. Instead of using it on Wordpress, implement the idea into your website to get the maximum benefit.

Proactive protection:

More and more web developers are considering taking measures to protect their customers as well as their online content with cybersecurity. The increasing list of cyber threats on the web today is a thorough testament of this purpose. They are partnering with systems that incorporate malware scanning and a web application firewall into their development and design plans. By adapting to such an approach, they are monitoring their client’s websites for possible exposures and secure them from potential cyber threats. 

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