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Top 6 Project Management Software Options

Top 6 Project Management Software Options

Depending on traditional tools for managing projects is no longer a viable option for many businesses. Thankfully, with today’s improved technology you can automate this process and take care of all its important aspects with fewer errors and less effort. Without having a high performing project management solutions many businesses might not be able to deliver on their strategic results. Here are the top 6 leading project management software options.

1. Wrike

Wrike is not only a robust management tool but also has excellent capabilities and features. It’s built to drive results by managing multiple teams and being flexible. It allows you to see the picture and break down large goals into manageable tasks, folders, and even subtasks. It’s available in different sizes and has premium plans. Overall, it’s scalable, offers real-time editing, and has a budget and time tracking features. However, it does not have built-in chat app and lacks integration with popular solutions such as Xero and BaseCRM.

2. Zoho Projects

This project management tool comes with a variety of applications including CRM, chat, calendar, and wiki. Having over 3 million users, you can use it to plan your project activities, manage resources, assign work and team up with your team to ensure that better work is done. It provides a detailed overview of all the projects, handles all files, and include integrations such as user tracker and Google apps. Unfortunately, it’s dashboard can look a bit clunky. Generally, it’s an amazing tool to use if you want to boost your productivity.

3. Trello

This project management tool usually works best for software development teams and creatives who require agility in monitoring and project planning. It’s generally provided free of charge for individual users and teams. As a user, you can upgrade to premium just by paying $9.99 per month. Although it’s excellent, at times it might not handle some complex projects. It comes with a simple drag and drop component. It’s also upgradable and has share calendar. It’s only downside is that it’s too simple to handle complex tasks.

4. Freshbooks

This is a very popular software solution for small businesses. With this software, you can track time, send invoices, manage your expenditure and even get paid online. As compared to other software, it’s simple and very easy to use. It automatically does tasks such as organizing expenses, invoicing, tracking time and even following up on your clients. More so, it lives in the clouds hence you can securely access it wherever you are and boost your productivity.

5. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage is a software that’s meant for technology solution companies such as software developers, cloud service providers, IT service companies, and professional services among others. For everyone to get the full visibility it ensures that it centralizes all it’s the solutions. It helps manage project resources, reports individual tasks, tracks work progress among others. Overall, it can help create work plan, and has one of the best drag and drop functionality. But, it has very limited customization of reporting tools and a steep learning curve initially.

6. Workzone

This is a very powerful project management software option that’s very easy to use. It balances being too basic and yet complicated. No matter your skill level, it’s very simple to master. This means your members will not experience any steep learning curve when learning how to use it. It breaks down large tasks into manageable uses and to do lists. Its subscription cost is $24 a month with unlimited training sessions and workspaces. More so, its team calendar will ensure that everyone is updated.

There you have it, top 6 best project management software solutions. Try one today and see and a great boost in your productivity. If you are interested in event management software, check this link.

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