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Better Family Relationship, Better Future

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. Every people in the world longing for a better family relationship. No man can deny the love of the family has a great contribution to the well being of a man and how he/she will involve in the society. Family can be successful when maintained with the principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, love, respect, work, compassion and wholesome recreational activities.

According to the study, children who reared in a good family surroundings are the people who most likely to success in their endeavors, on the other hand, children raised in a not so well family most likely to be the cause of trouble in the society and unsuccessful.

Better Family Relationship, Better Future

Good Family Traditions

Some good family traditions you can include on your family activities.

1. Family Prayer - the family that prays together, stays forever. Make sure to make a habit in the family to have a daily scheduled family prayer. Children who raised with this tradition will be more open to be prayerful and religious.

2. Family Scripture Study – developed a habit of reading scriptures as a family, this will help your relationship between your family and God to come closer. Children who are familiar with the scriptures will likely develop better characteristics and morale.

3. Family Council – parents has the responsibility to rear, teach and love their children. Conducting a family council at least once a week will help each members in the family to settle misunderstandings, improve weaknessess and praise their strengths. It will also help to open the relationship between parents and children.

4. Family Activities – aside from being home all the time together, once in a while going out will help the family to strengthen the bond and develop a happy relationship. Going on a picnic, visiting an amusement park, conducting family reunion or holding a camping are great ideas to enjoy, to unwind and to relieve stress. Toronto Party Bus Rentals is ideal for family outing or party services. It can accomodate up to 60 members of the family and friends. No need to hire multiple vehicles for the party when whole of the family can drive together in a spacious, comfortable, and lush party bus and travel to the party venue while grooving with friends and family in a sturdy, classy, and royal ride.

Having a good family relationships and famly traditions will help children to have a family identity and family history are worthwhile to pass the stories to the future generations.

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Great advice. We have home schooled our children and have tried to incorporate #1,2 and 4.