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Macbook Vs PC

Technology would be the biggest investment for companies right now to start with. Nowadays, a lot of great companies are fighting for the best computers manufacturer so that consumers would choose the right one that has the best capabilities and specification that suits their needs and suits also the technology trend. One of these companies that are fighting for would be apple and windows.

Macbook Vs PC

If we are talking about computer, Macbook would be the one for apple while for windows it depends on a computer as long as it supports the system requirement of windows on a laptop. To give an example for apple would be a macbookpro 2.5 ghz and for windows would be a Microsoft surface laptop. But what are the differences on each devices?

For apple, they are focused on the physical look of their product. They spends years working on how their Macbook product would look like. They are more about the details and internal structures of their computer. Meanwhile for windows, they are still trying to get to catch up on the physical trends on their products.

If we are talking about the price of each, Macbook would be expensive compared to a windows pcs. However even though Windows is a little cheaper they are capable for hardcore gamers. Gamers prefer windows because they are customizable. Gamers tend to look exactly on the specs of processor up to the graphics card. Macs, on the other hand would be almost impossible to upgrade easily unless they bought another most recent Mac models. Most important of all, while Mac is more of a gaming platform than ever, it still can't match the depth and breadth of the game selection for the Windows PC — a legacy stretching back to the '90s.

For customer assistance and repair, you will get better support on mac. Once there was a problem on your mac you can call their technical support or bring your mac to an apple store to take an appointment. Since apple are the ones who manufactured their products they might even send your Macbook to their warehouse for a repair or even a replacement.

One of the things that you need to know also is about their operating systems. Microsoft Windows 10 is for Windows and macOS for apple respectively. With Windows 10 it is more user friendly since it merge with the security function of windows 7 and friendliness of windows 8. And for Apple macOS has cleaner and less busy look. Both operating systems on basic level have a desktop.


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