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Top 3 Initiatives For a Greener World

Climate change is already heavily impacting economies and societies alike, the transition towards sustainable long term growth and consumption is becoming (now more than ever) a top priority concern. Green initiatives have a fundamental role in this process by bringing about an energetic as well as a cultural revolution for our planet.

Not enough is said about perhaps some of the most important initiatives that aim to save our world from global warming by preserving our environment and its species, which is why we'd love to list some of the most promising ecofriendly efforts that are currently in place

Top 3 Initiatives For a Greener World

Job Creation in Renewable Energy

Solar panels convert the sun's energy into high temperature heat and channel it through a conventional generator. The idea of covering deserts with solar panels to provide the world with as much electricity as it needs isn't new, but it's recent technological advances in this field that have transformed an idea into a potential solution. And NRG Energy has taken notice of this.

The Ivanpah Solar Thermal Energy Project located just south of Vegas in the Nevada desert is a $2.6 billion investment, and has already generated over 2,000 jobs so far. The high level of sun exposure and flat lands make Nevada an ideal place for this project that shows incredible promise. It's hailed as a game-changing initiative amongst environmentalist and rightfully so!

Electric Scooter: Ecofriendly Transportation

Electric battery powered vehicles are quickly becoming one of the biggest solutions to greenhouse gas emissions. A lot has been written about Elon Musk's Tesla and their vehicles, but other alternate means of transportations such as electric scooters have emerged to provide commuters with solutions today.

Cars and buses emissions in the US are big contributors to greenhouse gas accumulation in our atmosphere. It's necessary for commuters to find a greener alternative to get to work, and folding electric scooters are precisely that. These easy to assemble fast electric scooters that allow their owners to zoom past crowds on the sidewalks, fold the machine at the subway and unpack it again to get to work on time, all with a clean carbon footprint.

It’s smart, affordable and easy to adopt solutions that can have a positive multiplicative effect on our atmosphere and planet. Definitely be on the lookout for electric scooters, they'll have a part in a greener future. Zoom, for example, offers a popular folding electric scooter that is regarded as one of the fastest on the market. Their products are renowned throughout Asia and are quickly becoming one of the most popular designs in US markets as well.

McDonald's Sustainable Package

The fast food giant we all love to hate has actually super-sized their ecofriendly goals, and we think it's great. Currently, 50% of its guest packaging comes from sustainable sources, and only 10% of their restaurants have adopted recycling. They're currently taking measures to have 100% sustainable packaging by 2025 along with recycling bins in all of their facilities.

This goes to show that, while it's important to plan for the future, there's actually a lot we can do today to begin fixing our planet. Recycling is fundamental for transitioning into an ecofriendly lifestyle, and McDonalds has understood this perfectly. Regardless of whether you like their burgers or not, this initiative is worthy of praise.

The fight for a greener planet is an ongoing struggle that will likely continue for decades to come, but important plans and initiatives are already being implemented, and the very capable individuals that work in these industries seem to be on the right track. There’s hope for the future, and it’s about time we praise their efforts accordingly!