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Top Primary Schools in China

China is one the largest countries in the world. It is a country which education is great emphasis whereby citizens are required by law to attain at least nine years of education. Chinese education system is considered the top education system in the world.

It can be noted however that the system is the most challenging one and it’s possible that not many students may have the opportunity to perform well here. Apart from this, the primary education here is very expensive especially for international students. Kindergarten and pre-schools are usually run by authorities locally though some are run privately.

There are two three categories of primary schools, public primary schools, private primary schools and international school. Before we discuss top primary schools, let’s see how primary education works in China.

Top Primary Schools in China

Pre-primary and primary education

Children are expected to start education officially at age 7, but before that they attend 2- 3 years in pre-school. In poorest places, education begins with nursery school while for richer places; it begins with top level kindergarten. At this stage, co-curricular activities are highly emphasized. Real education begins when children attain age seven.

Different subjects are taught beginning from the big two- Chinese and math. International schools like Wellington Shanghai provide an opportunity for students to begin a year earlier than regular public schools. Such schools teach foreign languages in addition to local normal subjects and their extra-curricular activities are encouraged with better facilities.

Here are some of the ten schools in China

On top of the list in Wellington College International school which is based on British National Curriculum and offer International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Next on the list is Shanghai Livingston primary school which was established as the first that used American Education system in pre and primary school. British International School Shanghai comes in third which also has a reputable history. In public institutions, one of the most known primary schools in China is China primary school that produces average results.

This is just to mention a few schools that are considered top in terms of cost, academic performance as well as extra-curricular activities.

As it is evident, most of the top primary schools in this country are international schools. There are other private institutions that perform well but they cannot be compared to international ones.

One think clear is that, private primary schools perform better than public institution. This is true in many countries across the globe.