3 Top Tips for Refreshing your Fireplace with Tiles

3 Top Tips for Refreshing your Fireplace with Tiles

Find out how to easily transform your fireplace with some simple changes and retiling. These three tips will help you get started on your latest fireplace project.

The fireplace in any room is a central part of the activity that takes place there; the hot chocolates by the fire, the romantic evenings, the board games on the rug in front of it. It is also the key visual focal point of any room, so naturally it pays to make them look as beautiful as possible.

If you're lucky, your fireplace will already have stunning vintage floor tiles, or the original tiles it came with. Perhaps it is a more modern fire with stone tiles and wood creating a beautiful minimalist effect.

Perhaps though, like many people, the fireplace is painted over or in need of renovation. Perhaps you don't like the current tiles, or your new house renovation requires a more modern fireplace. Whatever your current fireplace situation, there is an option for you. Follow these 3 tiling ideas for fireplaces to help you on your way to having the fireplace of your dreams:

Invest in a Stripped Original Fireplace

There are lots of places you can find stripped fireplaces from their original periods. These refinished fireplaces look beautiful surround by any tiles, modern or vintage as there is usually an opening on each side of these fireplaces where a column of tiles is placed. If you do want a traditional look reclamation yards have plenty of vintage tiles you can find, or you can opt for wood effect porcelain tiles. Alternatively why not opt for more modern patterned porcelain tiles?

Go Modern with a Log Burner

Log burners are very on trend at the moment and look beautiful in many different styles of home. Log burners also leave more room for tiling in both the hearth and around the fire; use large floor tiles for a minimal contemporary look. Plain tiles look stunning with log burners, but a strong colour like brick or a 'Tube Stop' yellow wall tile and floor tile could make your fireplace stand out from the crowd.

Retile the Hearth for a Cheap Renovation

If you are looking to give the fireplace a makeover without completely changing everything, retile the hearth only. This job can be completed by a competent tiler in just one weekend and you have so much choice for the style of tile you're guaranteed to find something you like. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles are sui