5 Easy Ways to Make Your Fireplace Look Stunning

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Fireplace Look Stunning

A fireplace is at the heart of any room, and way it is decorated makes a huge difference to a room's aesthetic. Here we look at how to decorate your fireplace and make it look stunning.

A fireplace is at the heart of any room it is in so it is important to make the most of them with the best decoration and enhancement of the fireplaces features. It is easy to simply have the fire as it is, especially if it is a real fire, as it will look beautiful on its own and bring lots of warmth and light to the room. However, there are 5 easy ways to enhance your fireplace and make it look even more beautiful, with these easy tips:

1. Get The Basics Right

If your fireplace is looking a little worse for wear then no amount of dressing it up will make it look beautiful. Next time you have money for renovations, consider having your fireplace renovated to look great. If you opt for an electric fire then choose something modern and simple to suit different room styles you might go for in the future over the years. If you opt for a log burner or traditional fire do make sure you get all the safety checks done. With either option, consider decorating the surround with attractive porcelain tiles, or vintage porcelain tiles that draw the eye to the fireplace.

2. Make It Practical

Using practical items to decorate a fireplace makes sense, because there's some visual relationship made and the aesthetics make sense. For example: a thick wicker basket full of logs always looks gorgeous next to a fire. Alternatively if you are filling an empty fireplace you could fill it with logs, which looks lovely on its own as it is natural but simple.

3. Match the Fire Style

If the fire is traditional then match it with natural decorations like pebbles, wood, wicker and natural materials. If the fire is modern then opt for items a little less rugged and sharper, like wooden word blocks or more surreal and creative accessories. Wood effect porcelain tiles look great and blend naturally with a traditional or contemporary fireplace.

4. Add Ambience

A fire is cosy and welcoming and when the fire is on then you have a natural ambience and light. However, you won't always have the fire on so you'll want some light the rest of the time. Fairy lights are a great option and look nice scattered (don't place in front of a real fire!) or pushed into a glass jar. Candles are also a great option and scented candles add additiona