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Declutter Your Office and Become More Productive

Declutter Your Office and Become More ProductiveThere's never a bad time to declutter your working space. Here are 5 simple and easy tips to ensure you have the most practical and productive working environment to take you into next year.

Decluttering your office for the New Year may seem premature, but soon enough we will be into the early months of next year and there's every reason to have the office cleared for a fresh start. Wherever you are in your career it can be easy to become complacent in your surroundings, but soon enough the lack of effort will cause inspiration to dwindle. In a home office it is even more risky avoiding making any effort with your working space as you could quickly find yourself surrounded by clutter which is stressful and distracting.

To declutter and get ready for the New Year, or to simply freshen up your working space, follow these 5 easy tips:

Start With The Complex Items

By complex items, I mean anything that needs checking over before you get rid of it. For example: an old computer tower, an old laptop, tech leads, plugs and chargers will all need checking over before you can get rid of them. For this reason, these items are often left to fill up available space because they take effort to check if they are good to keep, if they need throwing away or if they should be recycled (you know the rules – anything with a plug attached or a battery inside it). Start with these items first as it will be a weight off your shoulders to have such annoying clutter out of your working space.

Don't Do It On A Busy Working Day

You might think you can declutter half an hour before work starts or you will stay in the office for an hour after work and declutter, but the reality is, you won't. Despite your best intentions, that room is built for you to work in and if it is a day you are meant to be working you will likely need to work. To tackle this issue, set aside a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning to clear the space out so that come Monday, you will have a fresh and clear office to work in.

Consider Self Storage

Check out a self storage facility to keep some of your office clutter safe but away from your working environment. For example: paper files can take up a lot of space in an office, and space is usually tight if you live in a big city. Cheap self storage can provide you with an affordable place to keep your files whilst keeping your office space clean and tidy. It is also extremely useful for ecommerce stock if you are an online retailer. It is perfect if you need some help decluttering.

Rearrange The Space

Rearrange the space to better suit your needs. This could mean getting new office furniture with better storage or simply