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How to give effective feedback in project management

How to give effective feedback in project managementFeedback plays a critical role in project management from the project management apprentice to peers on your level. It impacts every member of your team, their performance and their attitude. However, if you don’t give feedback effectively, you could end up having the opposite influence from what you intended. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some top tips for giving effective feedback in project management:

1. Always give negative feedback one-on-one – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is giving someone bad feedback in front of others. This can make them feel embarrassed and it can look like you are trying to show them up in front of the rest of the team. By giving negative feedback one-on-one, your team members are more likely to respect you, and it will lead to a more fruitful conversation too. You can talk about ways to move forward and how to make productive changes. On the other hand, if you give negative feedback in a group environment, the person in question could end up resenting you, which could make the issue even worse.

2. Do not speak while your emotions are heightened – Giving feedback on impulse is another error you need to avoid. Before you give feedback, you need to take the time to reflect on it. This will ensure you can digest what has happened properly and give constructive feedback, rather than letting your emotions takeover.

3. Organise a feedback meeting – If you need to deliver feedback regarding a certain task or project, it is advisable to arrange a feedback meeting as soon as possible. Most project management courses provide information on how to schedule a successful meeting. After all, it’s likely that you are going to be giving a lot of them during your time as a project manager. Make sure you have a plan of action for the meeting, and that you stick to the allotted time you have set aside.

4. Be specific – If you want to ensure that your feedback is taken on board, you need to be specific. Talk about everything in detail. Explain what you did like, what you did not like, what could have been different, and so on. Make sure you are always specific regarding the name of the project, the date, and the place of action. This will ensure there is no doubt left in your team member’s mind and that you are both on the same page.