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Large or small tiles - what to use in your kitchen

Large or small tiles - what to use in your kitchenWhile you may not think it, tile size plays a large part in the overall look and effect of a splashback in your kitchen. You can create completely different looks by simply changing the size of your ceramic wall tiles and depending on the flow and style you wish to create in your kitchen, your tile selection can really make or break your kitchen design.

You may also want to consider whether you are planning on updating your kitchen yourself or whether you have a professional coming in to do it for you when you choose the size of tiles you want to use. If you are doing the tiling yourself then your own experience may factor in to your sizing decision.

So, how much does size matter and are big or small tiles the best choice for your kitchen?

The case for large tiles

Porcelain wall tiles in larger sizes help you to create smooth lines and a non-fussy appearance. Larger coloured tiles allow you to create a bold splash of colour without distracting lines and overly fussy patterns. If you are championing a natural look in your kitchen then larger ceramic wall tiles will suit this aesthetic perfectly as they are clean and simple.

You can get patterned porcelain wall tiles in larger sizes and this allows you to create a feature wall without the fuss of lots of small tiles. Additionally, if you are laying the tiles yourself as part of a kitchen revamp then you may want to opt for large porcelain tiles to save yourself time and reduce your won workload. Laying small tiles can be fiddly and if you do not have much experience in this area then you may struggle getting them all straight and level.

The case for small tiles

Small ceramic tiles can be used to create intricate designs and patterns to really make a feature out of your splashback. If you are looking to make a change in your kitchen but can’t afford to replace all the countertops and cupboards, then using small ceramic wall tiles to create a splashback is an affordable and quick way to make a huge difference in your kitchen.

Small porcelain wall tiles are also great for use in small kitchens where you do not have much room for extravagant designs. Often, smaller kitchens can be made to feel even smaller if the walls are overly coloured or patterned. However, the use of small sized wall tiles in a neutral colour can give your kitchen walls an interesting aesthetic and texture. Not only will this make your kitchen feel more open and spacious, but it will also make it feel more modern and contemporary.

So large or small? The verdict

All in all, the choice to use large or small ceramic tiles is entirely personal. You may be influenced by the amount of space in your kitchen, your budget or whether you are laying them yourself, but as the appearance of large and small tiles is so different, it really is down to personal taste and the over