Six Easy Ways to Transform a Space Ready for a New Season

Six Easy Ways to Transform a Space Ready for a New SeasonFind out how to easily transform any space ready for a new season with 6 top tips anybody can apply to their decorating repertoire.

Everybody loves that incredible feeling of renewal into a new season. Our homes reflect the ever changing seasons and the way we enjoy the space. New ideas, new additions, new ways of utilising the space all emerge during transitional periods between seasons. Want to transform your home ready for a new season? These 6 easy tips will help ensure your home is modern and up to date:

1. Change The Cushions & Blankets

Changing cushions and blankets over is a quick way to update a room. Choose them in key tones, prints and colours for the season so they set the theme for the rest of the room. This works very well in rooms where the floor tiles, walls and furniture are all neutral.

2. Get New Bedding

Your blankets and cushions set the tone for your living room, as does the bedding for your bedroom. Get new bedding for the season, maybe in fresh candy colours in spring, whites and crisp colours in summer, golden tones in autumn and then luxurious jewel tones in winter. Add a cushion or two plus a throw and you've got a fresh new luxurious bed to enjoy.

3. Switch Fixtures & Fittings

Fixtures and fittings can make a huge difference to the end look of a room. For example: copper has been big for a while but brass is now more of a modern look, so you could easily switch handles, knobs and other fixtures over to instantly add a new season detail.

4. Switch up Your Art

When we hang pictures, most of us tend to leave them there until we move house. This means that large portions of wall space never get refreshed as they could each new season. Art can have a huge impact on how a room looks so make the most of your wall space by introducing new images every season. Try a bit of macro photography, a creative canvas, some new photographs, whatever you fancy. Be creative and play with imagery for a beautiful new seasonal look.

5. Renew the Rugs

They say that rugs are the perfect item to build a room theme around. This can be true and is a really easy way to set a tone for a space at the beginning of a new season. Pick a rug with new season colours in the pattern, or perhaps play with texture to add a new feel to the room. Don’t forget about safety – rugs should be fixed with a special adhesive tape in order to prevent accidents – while you are at it, consider