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Switzerland LLC - Swiss wealth management for US clients

Switzerland LLC - Swiss wealth management for US clients

As ICIJ, the International Consortium of International Investigative Journalists, pointed out in the introduction to their recently released list of offshore companies from the Panama Papers, "There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts."

There are also legal, legitimate and compliant reasons for an offshore bank account and offshore wealth management. In recent years, "offshore" has become a dirty, albeit eight letter word. A better description would be "geographical or jurisdictional diversification". There are many reasons why investors hold, or would like to hold, a portion of their assets outside of their home jurisdiction and banking system. In many cases, internationally-active families and businesses require accounts outside their home country. Market, institutional and currency risk can diversified when a portion of an investor's investments are held in another jurisdiction to complement the strategy held at home...the proverbial "Don't hold all your eggs in one basket". It makes sense.

Where to go?

Today, the question is where to go for "LLC" legal, legitimate and compliant  wealth management beyond your own borders. Afghanistan, Myanmar and Syria (just to name a few) are blacklisted by the FATF Financial Action Task Force as high risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions. But these are hardly your jurisdictions of choice. In the world's increasingly transparent environment, there's a jurisdiction which has learned from past activities and continues to shine as the global leader in private wealth management.

Solving the problems of the past and moving forward

As long ago as 2009 the Swiss financial center declared its commitment to complying with all taxation-related international standards. "Its goal is to in future acquire and manage only tax-compliant assets." states the Swiss Bankers Association on their website

Indeed, Switzerland has paid it dues in the wake of the crackdown on US tax evaders, but has come clean and - in good Swiss tradition - retains it's leading position as the preferred jurisdiction for international private wealth management, confirmed by Deloitte in their report: Switzerland remains number 1 in international private wealth management.

But why?

To name a few... Long-term political and economic stability is certainly a reason. Not being a m