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B2B Social Media Marketing Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales

B2B Social Media Marketing Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales

                                  will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Some people just can't bear to hear the truth. The truth is that Twitter has never been an effective tool for B2B lead generation or business development.


For a long time, Twitter was useful for chats, peer-to-peer discussions, and content sharing. It was a lot of fun. I can attest to the fact that Twitter used to drive a lot of traffic to websites and blogs. That has changed.

Over time, I have been noticing that:

  • the number of re-tweets is WAY down
  • people are much more likely to "like" than to re-tweet - this does nothing to help more people see content
  • tweeps just aren't clicking on links as often as they used to
  • the organic reach of tweets to followers has declined significantly

    Yesterday, I started a discussion in a Facebook group. I stated that I was not seeing much engagement on Twitter and asked group members if they were still active on Twitter. 

      There has never been a lot of discussion in the group. Suddenly, people came out of nowhere. I couldn't believe how much engagement there was around this topic. People had very strong views on the subject and they discussed them. Sadly, the majority of participants in the discussion were having the same experience that I was. There were no arguments, no fights, it was just a very real, open, and candid discussion. Someone asked me a direct question about LinkedIn and I started a new discussion about LinkedIn. Again, there was immediate and active engagement.

        One would think that the admin, Lara McCulloch, would have been thrilled that there was finally some engagement. That was not the case. Last night, I noticed that I could no longer access the group. Clearly, I stepped on somebody's toes. That was not my intention. This isn't personal. I like Lara. She is well respected in the #eventprofs community. I feel she did a wonderful job launching the hashtag #eventprofs on Twitter. In fact, I praised her to the skies in:

          Kudos to her!! She is to be commended. But. there are no sacred cows and I believe in keeping things real.

          Fairy tales are sweet, fun, and entertaining. They bear little relationship to real life but they do expose and reveal truths. For example, few people appreciate someone who has the guts to tell the emperor that he has no clothes.

          Rather than identifying an issue and generating strategies to resolve them, some would prefer to believe myths and fairy tales. 

          Social media can be like that. Many prefer to buy into the hype rather than face the reality about what is going on with various platforms.


          What do the facts tell us about Twitter?

          As the result of a discussion about Twitter (that someone else started) in a LinkedIn Group,  Peter Altschuler shared the following report by MarketingProfs:

          The report references the annual social media study by Social Media Examiner:

          The study, in which 5700 marketers participated, highlighted the fact that:

          • only 12% of B2B marketers use Twitter
          • for the first time, Facebook surpassed LinkedIn in importance for B2B marketers (43% vs 37%)

          Jeremy Smith is my kind of blogger. No myths or fairy tales here.

          Also, check out this Infographic by Placester. Twitter was at the bottom of the list of social media platforms ranking in terms of their value for B2B lead generation:

          Refusing to face reality doesn't serve anyone. The term for those who can't face reality is "delusional" and we know where people who are truly delusional end up.

          Those who are able to be real and admit that there is a problem can generate solutions. For example:

          • Javier 🐝 beBee and Juan Imaz designed beBee to address the challenges of  engagement and organic reach of content on many social media platforms
          • Paul "Pablo" Croubalian created my to significantly "turn up the volume" on Twitter content and improve the reach of tweets
          • Bloggers have formed communities on Facebook to share content across all social media platforms. It's an effective strategy.
          • Based on the success of fashion, beauty, travel, and parenting blogging groups, I created the B2B Bloggers Network on 3 platforms including beBee.

          Last week one of my Facebook page posts reached 1,297 people as a result of sharing it in groups and generating comments through a couple of bloggers groups. I've never seen that traffic before without paying for it.


          Some of my LinkedIn status updates have had over 40,000 viewers. 

           So there is hope but improvements will only come by frankly facing up to the challenges and designing strategies to overcome them. 

          Ignoring the truth and punishing those who speak it serves no one.

          Despite the hype and me being blocked by some individuals for speaking out about this, I am still yet to come up with even one success story.

          If you do have B2B social marketing success stories, I am itching to hear them. Please post them below or here:

          Anne 🐝Thornley-Brown MBA, has blogged about social media for a variety of platforms including HuffPost, Plan Your Meetings by MPI, Event Manager Blog, EventMobi, and Cvent. She has managed numerous LinkedIn Groups including one for event professionals that grew from 4000 to 340,000+ members in 8 years. She is the founder and owner of Executive Oasis International, a Toronto team building and OD consulting firm.


          Geo targeting is extremely important for B2B marketing.


          #2 There's more to it than just tweeting frequently. There's also targeting who you tweet to, and what you tweet/retweet.

          To be sure, anyone who needs very tight targeting will have issues with Twitter. Twitter is a one-to-many or many-to-many medium. The tighter you need to go the less effective your overall efforts will be. I like to compare Twitter to TV or radio advertising. Sure, other advertisers will see your messages. Sure, people with no interest will see your messages. So what?

          How often do you buy a car? How many car ads do you see between purchases? Are they wasting their money?

          Actually, you just gave me an idea for geo-targeting. I just added it to the dev list. We'll look at it after we finish the LinkedIn company/showcase pages functions.

          RE "shutting down anyone who dares to question" That is deplorable.


          Agree here "A me-me-me approach to tweets is a sure-fire way to be ignored. Be a source of good, varied content and not just your own." But, even after years of doing this, the fact remains that Twitter is very poor for B2B lead generation unless you are targeting entrepreneurs or very small businesses.

          I agree with the need to tweet 50-100 times a day.

          My point here is that, first, we have to acknowldege that a problem exists before we can generate solutions. Shutting down anyone who DARES to question commonly held myths is a surefire strategy for poor results. It's called groupthink and "the Emperor has no clothes effect".

          That is why your tool is of great value and I mentionned it. You saw a problem (e.g. the need to tweet frequently) and you designed a tool to address it.


          And yet Twitter drives 57% of traffic to (FYI: there is someone else who uses tweetpack... My system is at

          There is a big difference between using Twitter and using it properly. Twitter's simplicity is exactly what makes it so complicated to understand. To be sure, there is quite the learning curve. That's probably why our new Fully Managed Account option is exploding, (so much so that I may have to close subscriptions to it soon.)

          FACT: Good engagement per tweet is 1-1.25% A single tweet is a fart in a hurricane. If you aren't tweeting 50 to 100 times a day you don't get Twitter.
          FACT: Twitter excels at many-to-many and one-to-many communication. It does suck for one-to-one. The feed is just too fast. If you need one-to-one, you need a bot (no kidding) to find the tweets and notify you via SMS. Direct Message (right now) are darned near useless.
          FACT: A me-me-me approach to tweets is a sure-fire way to be ignored. Be a source of good, varied content and not just your own.
          FACT: Following someone else's followers is a waste of time. They are likely untargeted. It takes a BIg Data approach to mine people who have proven their willingness to engage with a subject. The only tools I can suggest for that are my own or The Social Quant.
          FACT: Overuse of hashtags in or out of a profile is an open invitation to follow-bots. To reach people, you need to aim at people.
          FACT: Twitter for business REQUIRES a tool. There's no two ways about it. Use mine, use another, but use something.
          FACT: With a good tool, it doesn't take more than 5 - 15 minutes a day, if that.
          FACT: While Twitter does have geo-location capability, most users have it turned off. The net is wide. Tight geographical focus is impossible or at best unlikely.

          Let's not say a Ferrari is crap because it can't go very far off-road.