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Improving the Reach of LinkedIn Content - The Never Ending Saga

Improving the Reach of LinkedIn Content - The Never Ending Saga

It is no secret that the organic reach of LinkedIn content has declined significantly in recent years. This applies whether one is talking about posts in groups, LinkedIn Publisher posts, or status updates. There has been a lot of debate about why this is taking place and what to do about it. It really shouldn't be this hard to achieve results.  It's a source of frustration and I definitely have not found a magic bullet. Many Linked In members have been experimenting to find approaches that work but it's not easy to do though.

LinkedIn Status Updates are visible when members click on "Home". Members can also creat their own status updates by sharing their own updates, photos, articles, and videos from "Home".

Clicking on "Write an Article" takes members to LinkedIn Publishing where they can share longer form blog posts.

I've addressed LinkedIn Publisher here:

Today, we'll focus on LinkedIn status updates.  Some members think it's just too much work to try and get results from status updates. I tend to lean in that direction. Even if one has thousands of connections, status updates are distributed to very few of them.

One thing is certain if you are successful in "cracking the code", status updates that attract a lot of views can drive significant traffic to your website and blog posts.

5 Things we Know for Sure About Improving the Reach of Status Updates

What are some of the strategies that can improve the reach of status updates?  I've discovered a few things.

  • post without photos - text only posts tend to do better Here is an example but, unfortunately, a short question like this is of limited use for business status updates:

  • the more people who like and comment on status updates shortly after they are posted, the more viewers the status update will attract

  • grow your base as the impact of likes and comments is magnified when members have 30,000+ connections

  • connect with as many highly connected individuals as possible and let them know that they are welcome to like and comment on your status updates if they find them to be of value

  • don't hesitate to ask members with a lot of followers if they will do you a favour and help you improve the reach of your content (i.e. by liking and commenting)

Compare the results of 2 status updates to the right. 

The first received a like and comment from a member with more than 30,000 followers. 

The result? 

146 vs 5,232 views

Learn From the Experiences of Others

I have stumbled across approaches that seem to work for some members and I will be experimenting with some of them.

For example, James Carbary is not on beBee but he gave me permission to pass on what he shared on LinkedIn.

A few months ago, his status updates were only attracting 100-200 views

In the last 3 weeks, he experimented with some new strategies and his content on LinkedIn has been viewed over 115,000 times. His updates regularly get between 2,000 - 40,000 views. 

James attributes his success to 8 specific strategies.

1) He started writing LinkedIn status updates instead of articles. 
2) In his status updates, he uses 1 sentence paragraphs. 
3) He avoids using links in his status updates and, instead, shares them in the first comment. 
4) He posts regularly based on experiences that take place during the course of his day. 
5) He uses list posts. These seem to appeal to readers.

List posts can be numbered or bulleted. To the right is an example of a list post. I just posted it. let's see how it does.

6) He does not shy away from posting controversial content. It triggers a reaction.
7) He replies to every comment. 
8) He follows individuals who are successful in generating a lot of views.

With the increase in volume, James has generated a number of quality inbound business leads for business.

Number 1 is a given. I have stopped publishing on Publisher.  It's pointless.

I am going to experiment with 2, 3, 5, and 8.  Will you join me and report back and share your results?

It Only Take One....BUT

Engagement on status updates from ONE well-connected member has far more impact than the likes and comments of dozens of members with fewer connections.  

BUT this strategy does not work for Publisher posts. The same well-connected member who helped me generate over 5000 views on my status update by liking and commenting also liked and commented on a Publisher post. Two days after publication, despite receiving 15 likes, 6 comments, and 5 shares, it only has 36 views.

There is only so often that you can ask people to do favours for you. (After a while, it will become annoying.) 

Work on growing your own base as the numbers required to achieve consistent results are significantly higher than one might expect. 

My network is far from shabby but, clearly, thousands of connections are not enough to generate results. (I have 4377 connections and 5277 followers.)

Here, yet another result that can be attributed directly to the generosity of member with a lot of connections who liked and commented on my status update. 

If you think it's worthwhile, experiment until you find strategies that achieve better results for you. If despite your best efforts, it's not working, explore what other platforms have to offer. For example, on beBee, 100% of your connections see 100% of your posts 100% of the time.

For discussion:

  • What strategies have you found to be effective in improving the reach of LinkedIn status updates?

  • Which of the strategies suggested in this post do you plan to try?

  • At the end of the day, do you think all of these efforts are worthwhile or is it just too much work for too little return?

An update:

I've done some experiments. Here is an update:

An update:

- Improving the Reach of LinkedIn Content - The Saga Continues


Shocker, the LinkedIn status update about a beBee post has had 1,436 likes 1 comment and 4 likes in less than one day. One of the people who liked it must have a huge network. I used 1 sentence paragraphs and put the link in the first comment.


#23Great so far. I am going to try just one line and the link in the comment and see what happens.

Philip Calvert 20/7/2017 · #23

#21 I used the one line paragraph approach in a status update and without an image. I also added the link/URL to the first comment. Four hours later views are up to 425 which is a lot higher than usual for this type of post. There is a lot of sense in one line paragraphs; I'm getting a lot of success with it in emails. I have 9,395 followers in total.


At this point, I also want to say that one should not have to use a million time-consuming workarounds to get their content viewed. Content should be visible to connections and followers....period. Not even posting in groups works as members are not notified of new content and in many instances, announcements no longer work. They work in 1 of my 6 groups.

+1 +1

@Philip Calvert Which approach did you try? How many followers do you have?

Philip Calvert 20/7/2017 · #20

An update on my post three hours ago... I tried the approach suggested and within 3 hours, my status update on LinkedIn has had 397 views. Result.


@Sara Jacobovici How is it coming? Have you tried any experiments? Here are the results of mine.

Status Updates:

- List Post: 8 Ways to Generate Revenue from Team Building - 301 views & 3 likes in 24 hours
- Text Only + Link: Team Building: 3 Ways to Get More Bang for Your Buck - 470 Views, 6 likes & 2 comments in 2 days
- Text, Photo + Link: Alcohol at events & Duty of Care at Corporate Events - 285 views, 5 likes & 3 comments in 2 days

Publisher Post:

- Team Building: 3 Ways to Get more Bank for your Buck - 46 views, 5 re-shares, 6 comments, 15 Likes - a total waste of time

All of this activity generated 18 hits to my website. I have 129 hits with no referring links so if I am optimistic, perhaps some of those were generated by LinkedIn. If I am pessimistic (or realistic) perhaps it just too much work for too little return.

Identical post on beBee:

- Team Building: 3 Ways to Get more Bank for your Buck - over 500 views, 15 likes, 5 comments

@Paul "Pablo" Croubalian I will give the #buzzBeBee hashtag on Twitter a try.

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