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                                              What are the techniques top salespeople use to handle objections

                                                                                HOW SALES PROS HANDLE OBJECTIONSPRACTICE MAKES PERFECT

LISTEN CAREFULLY: Let your customer completely explain the objection. If you jump in and try to overcome every point, you may not learn the true reason for the objection. Often, customers will find a remedy for their own concerns if you let them express their opinions fully.

SEEK TO UNDERSTAND: You should not begin to respond to an objection unless you thoroughly understand it. It is so important to completely understand what their objection really is. What is your prospect or customer really saying? Repeat the objection back to your contact and ask, “Do I understand your concerns correctly?”

REVIEW YOUR BENEFITS: Most objections are the result of the prospect or customer not understanding the full value of all your benefits. Use your advantages to lessen the impact of

an objection. If they were sold on you, your product or your service they would not object, they would be buying.

REMAIN CALM: If you overreact to an objection, you may convince your contact the objection has merit. Avoid using “but” phrases such as, “You believe my price is too high, but I can show why you are wrong.” Avoid comments such as, “You don’t understand the extra benefits my service offers you.” When you offer a defensive response, you will not usually overcome the objection.

ACKNOWLEDGE TRUE OBJECTIONS: Tell your prospects and customers you agree with them when they present a true objection. But don’t hesitate to deny false objections. If your prospect believes you can’t offer next-day delivery, you can respond: “We do offer an excellent delivery service. Here is a list of customers who can verify the reliability of our on-time shipments.” You can’t let a false objection go unanswered or you will reduce the validity of your entire presentation.

BE A PROBLEM-SOLVER: Sometimes an objection is unrelated to you or your product or service. This is an opportunity to respond and improve your status with your customers. If your billing department makes a mistake, correct it. If your contact is looking for a service different from yours, try to find information and send it to him or her.

Key Point: Responding properly to objections gives you an opportunity to remove any obstacle that prevents you from closing the sale. Treat objections as speed bumps in the selling process. You have to slow down to maneuver through the area, but once you’re past the obstacle, you can speed ahead to win the sale.

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