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“Preferred Method” for Sales Leaders to Motivate their Sales Team

                                    What You Believe is What You Achieve!

                                        “Preferred Method” for Sales Leaders to Motivate their Sales Team                           It is my belief that In order to motivate others, you must truly believe that your goals are attainable.

  • Your Positive Attitude Will Positively affect others

You lead by the attitude you display. A positive attitude will contribute to a positive moral of your team. Never convey a negative message about your customers, company or anything else in front of your team. Positive breeds positive!

  • Success without a Plan is an Accident

Develop a written plan with each sales team member to ensure that everyone clearly understands their goals and objectives. This plan needs to include both business and personal goals. It is to be agreed upon and reviewed regularly.

  • · Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Lack of daily communication is the single biggest reason for a sales person’s failure. By staying in contact and taking the time to listen will allow you to help a salesperson stay on course. The more you get to know them, the better you will be at knowing how to help and motivate them.

  • · Celebrate Success

People love to hear praise and compliments. Make it a habit that you share a salesperson success with others. This goes a long way to drive motivation.

  • · Accountability both Good and Bad

When things are done well, let people know, the same is true if something is not right. People look and expect leaders to deal with it. Be that Leader.

  • · Start and End each day on a Positive