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The Most Breathtaking Indoor Pools In The World

All too often, we’re focused on the beauty of outdoor pools and the amazing views that they overlook. There are, however, some indoor pools around the world that are absolutely breathtaking. Whilst some of them have amazing views through strategically placed windows, others are completely enclosed and their beauty lies in the architecture of the space.

1. Altira Hotel in Macau, China
The swimming pool at this hotel is truly amazing, particularly if what you really want is a spectacular view. One whole side of the asymmetrical tub is made up of windows overlooking the city, whilst the ceiling plays host to a huge skylight showing you the heavens.

2. Cheval Blanc in Courchevel, France
This swimming pool has both a natural and contemporary appearance that merges together magnificently. The rock feature wall makes you feel as if you’re underground or in a cave, whilst the naturally bleached trees separating parts of the tub from view add to the outdoors feel.

The Most Breathtaking Indoor Pools In The World

3. Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina, Switzerland
In a country known for it’s beautiful scenery and being freezing cold during the winter, it’s no surprise that they have some breathtaking pools. This one overlooks huge glass windows and the alps behind, making for a truly amazing experience when it snows.

4. La Mamounia in Marrakech, Morocco
If luxury is what you’re searching for, the indoor pool at this hotel will tick all the boxes. It’s edged with ornate columns that span into arches at the ceiling. At the far end you’ll find some lovely little nooks for you to leave your possessions whilst you take a dip.

5. Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France
Many visitors point out how few Parisian hotels actually have a real swimming pool – and, of those that do, this is by far the best. The room has been designed in true Parisian style with a gorgeous mosaic bottom, ornate wall mouldings and neutral colour palette.

6. St. Regis Lhasa Resort in Lhasa, China
The most popular feature of this resort is the swimming pool – because it’s made from gold. If this wasn’t opulent enough, at night the lights are turned on and the water really starts to sparkle. The surrounding room is also quite beautiful with artworks.

7. Tambo del Inka in Urbamba, Peru
This resort is home to a stunning indoor/outdoor pool that is bisected by the building right down the middle – stay inside if it’s a little cool, or venture outside if the weather is fine. It’s said to be truly breathtaking at night, when you can float beneath the stars.

8. Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India
This indoor pool is completely enclosed by the palace with wide steps leading down into the water. The water is scattered with flower petals and candles often surround the tub. Visitors to this location also mention how exceptional the service received also is.

Now that you’re aware of some of the most breathtaking indoor concrete pools from around the world, we hope that you’ll take the opportunity to explore them for yourself. Once you’ve sunk into the water, we’re sure that you’ll never want to leave. You might even want to recreate one of these pools in your own home, encouraging year round swimming that isn’t impacted by the elements!