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Beautiful People

Beautiful People have Beautiful Soul's

9 Simple Habits That Make You More Attractive (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

What makes a person attractive? 

It's more than natural good looks or fashion sense.

It comes down to how confident, positive and productive you are, and how well you express these qualities. A genuine smile can light up a room and easily compensate for an ugly t-shirt.
You can fall in love with someone face or body for the night, but these habits are what make you fall in love with someone for a lifetime.

Here are nine simple habits that make you more attractive, that have nothing to do with looks!

Live In The Now
A recent study, showed that women found men that were more mindful to be more attractive. Mindfulness is the awareness and use of everything possible and present. It shows focus and emotional balance.

Never Under Estimate The Importance Of Sleep
Know And Enforce Your Self Worth
Treat Friendships Like The Priorities They Are
Enjoy The Simple Things
Forgive, Learn, And Move On
Good Food Is Key
Always Make Room For Down Time/Recreation
Stay Active

Create a Guided Journal,
For us to write back and forth on.

The Focus - The Moon Lists:

An ordinary life was and obscure life. If we can extend the meaning of obscure to mean covered up by dailiness, glorious dailiness, shameful dailiness, dailiness that is difficult to figure out, that I not always clear until a long time afterwards.  Obscure: not readily noticed, easy understood, or clearly expressed.
Which is a pretty good definition of life.

The Moon List are a set of questions to inspire reflection on the recent past.  These questions, prompts, and lists are an exercise in drawing the connection between memory and experience, a reminder that daily choices matter, habits are defining. and objects can hold layers of significance.

Beautiful People