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Thinking of an experiment…100 babies are born ….of different races and cultures and they are housed in a comfortable environment. Parents are removed.

All their physical, mental and emotional needs are provided for…but with one exception…( I contend that ‘values’ do not fall in the need for survival category), no VALUES of any culture, society and or religion is taught to the kids…not even…’be kind’, etc.

Three randomly chosen languages and at each appropriate age, the relevant sciences, math and material that teaches effective communication skills are taught with a rigid adherence to ZERO ‘VALUES’ being imparted to the kids.

History is taught, but the noise of opinion and ‘fact’s as it relates to the kindness or mayhem of human civilization is filtered out. Such a history would include how we moved through various producing societies…ie the agriculture, steam driven to current information propelled economies.

I suspect the bell curve would hold true…68% would be ‘normal’ kids and the rest somewhere between normal and outliers….and in the outliers…both extremes of good and bad…as us normal people would so describe.

So why this experiment…

The world has obviously progressed in spite and despite the mayhem visited upon humanity by humanity. But I posit that we could make even greater strides on a geometric scale if we would be bold enough to take on an even bigger experiment.

What if we would stop teaching our kids our “VALUES’ and beliefs (including and most importantly, ALL RELIGIOUS teachings), whatever they may be. What if we vigorously encouraged our kids to employ the beautiful gift given to each person…to THINK for themselves about everything and arrive at their own definition of truths.

Each adult has easily available evidence to support this reasoning in my view. One just has to take a basic belief and start ‘digging’…starting with the use of one word…WHY…Why do believe this..why is it ‘true’. Who said ‘this’ is true. What assumptions were used in determining the truthfulness of the belief. What was the agenda of the person passing on the “value’

Does the motivation of the person communicating the value, perhaps kindness, (for example a loving parent and or family member who is well meaning but is completely uninformed), duty, malice, religious, culture…oh that word, CULTURE!…have any connection to the truthfulness of the value…ie was the value coloured by any of the above?

If we look at knowledge….some very smart person said we are limited by what we know…and I would add, ‘what we think we know”.

We pontificate and are assertive that we are “RIGHT”…about stuff of which we have essentially zero or so very little reason and or information. People kill in the name of being right on an individual and collective (country) basis. Countries with ‘big guns”, kill at will in the name of being ‘right’….I submit ‘right could only logically be defined in terms of a country as who has ‘the biggest’ gun.

If one thinks about ‘it’…no one knows everything about anything…so how then can we possibly conclude and come to conclusions that we are right about anything!

What if we were to arrive at ‘right and wrong’ positions through rational thought as opposed to money, guns and power determining for us what is right and wrong.

What if we all start with the premise that there is probably a right way, and we strive for those truths through thinking rationally…as an example from Newtonian physics to Einstein to current Quantum physics….all through thinking…but the key is that we are not influenced by guns money, power etc.

Jerry Fletcher 13/7/2018 · #5

Anthony. I agree with your sentiment.

Anthony Winner 13/7/2018 · #4

#3 In the present time...I think that one could actually successfully conduct such a study...IF one were to adhere to STRICTLY enforced blind studies protocols used in scientific work. AI would be useful tool and such a study would be undertaken NOT by governments but by a collaboration of top academic institutions with layer upon layer of oversight. At any rate the thrust of my thinking is not so much the actual implementation of such an experiment...rather it is a call to people to be bold and courageous enough to stop passing on their beliefs of any kind to their kids...and foster critical thinking skills at any early age which may help to rid the world of prejudices.

Jerry Fletcher 13/7/2018 · #3

Anthony, Nice to see some different thinking. I agree with you that it might be a better world but unfortunately, as Renee points out decisions are emotionally rather than logically based. Then, too, others have passed this way before. Dr. Mengele in Nazi Germany did unspeakable "rational experiments." The study of twins has been the way this idea of nature versus nurture has been approached by psychologists. Last time I looked, their findings were that neither nature or nurture could be used to shift outcomes in the twin's personalities even if they were reared in opposite environments.


This is an interesting buzz @Anthony Winner. In particular this thought "If we look at knowledge….some very smart person said we are limited by what we know…and I would add, ‘what we think we know”. A very interesting idea as many times our beliefs take us backwards.

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Renée 🐝 Cormier 13/7/2018 · #1

Certainly, if people always thought rationally the world would have no war, hunger, abuse, poverty etc. The rational mind would strive to create balance and fairness everywhere. Most decisions that affect the world are the result of high emotion (anger, revenge, contempt) and greed.