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Personal Protocol: Informed Consent and Knowledge #optingIN #optingOUT

I decided to write my first article on beBee and the alternate title choice was: Making a deal with the Devil and putting Satan behind you [don't worry family & church ladies, I did not sell my soul to the devil, I'm still broke and the devil knows I am not for sale!]

We live in a sea of fish hooks. I coined the phrase: HOLY SEA OF FISHHOOKS BATMAN! Pun intended. Did you SEE what I did there?

Four scores of people have died to fight for rights and freedom. Freedom to Re LEGION and freedom to No LEGION. What difference at this point does it make? It makes a hell of a lot of difference! 

Is FREEDOM DEAD and gone like our privacy? Nobody grows up dreaming of the day they will be considered a CIVILITER or civil leader steering the masses off the proverbial cliff.  No one likes to be fodder or taken for granted either.

Let me take some LIBERTY to explain a little about consent and opting in and my personal protocol on release forms. First my protocol then my opinion:

1. Never sign a blanket release form because you will not be able to control when or who they send it to or share it with
2. Never sign a release with blank to & from, one with a future date, or leave any unchecked boxes or blanks on it
3. Never sign anything that states you are giving up your rights or not holding someone accountable for breaking rules

Never say never... I know.  Remember HIPAA? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act? If you read the law like I did, you will notice two things right away: 1) The title does not mention PRIVACY and 2) IT IS and ALWAYS WAS ABOUT PORTABILITY. Read it, but not what others who get paid to mislead you are saying or digests about it. READ THE ACTUAL LAW. It will be a challenge to find but it's there. By the way, I read all of the ACA when it was HR3200. I only read 1/4 of the final cut but they didn't cut much I heard. I encourage you to read the law before judging people who have. Besides having nothing to do with solving the problems we had with healthcare delivery and continuity of care, it put those problems on steroids to the tenth power. It will raise the hair on your arms. It's that spooky. Our illiterate Congress admits to not reading it. How irresponsible is that?

Don't get me wrong, I like smooth commerce, public safety and I like it when my doctor knows stuff and can share it with others that are trying to HELP me with remedies that do not harm me.  I like technology and efficiency. I LOVE PRIVACY. I like error free living. I don't like CORRUPTION OF BLOOD or SCAB LISTS, however and the US Constitution is there to protect us from that, or so I thought. I hate that my auto insurance is higher because of my NEMESIS the CREDIT SCORE! What does my credit score have to do with driving?

Incidentally, it may just be Karma because my dad set the darned thing up. Not the credit score but the consumers link to it.  I thought it was to help us get the facts straight. If I remember correctly, people thought is would be great to be able to interact with the machine. Yup, he is the guy that set up the TRW Consumer Credit head quarters and all the branches. I am too broke to pay someone to help me correct the many errors on there. Where is my legal remedy for those who caused errors on my credit report and ruined opportunities for me? It affects me getting a great paying job where I need an expense account and prevents me from living in places that require a high rating that I can afford. Affirmative Action never seems to work for me! IT SUCKS THE BIG ONE! TOTALLY OH MY GOD! [a little valley girl in there for ya] The main reason is because we are survivors of a fraudulent mortgage. I had worked hard for five years repairing my score to buy my first home. I felt finally, I had been resurrected! Only to find that our mortgage guy packaged a 2nd variable in our first fixed without our knowledge. It totally changed the way I felt about "home". When our house payment doubled I had to get 2 other jobs. I worked 7 days a week at three different jobs and hardly got 4 hours of sleep each night. I lost time with my children and much more. I cannot get into here. We also lost our house. The landlord/property management associations decided to punish people who lost their homes due to mortgage fraud by all of a sudden requiring a strict adherence to credit score ratings for approvals. It had never been that way before but all of a sudden everyone was on the same page. Talk about conspiracy. They were purposely trying to make people homeless. The banks never bothered to restore the credit scores of countless numbers of us that lost our homes due to the derivative games and mortgage fraud. They do this with student loans too. They collect on previously consolidated loans and they force you into consolidation to get out of default. It is totally out of control.
You are better off becoming a finance major and a lawyer minor or vice versa. Based on the greed of the elite, I guess that would be one way to argue there is no such thing as evolution. They have been doing this sort of thing for, like, ever. No evolution there.

When they do background checks for jobs it may include a credit check. Some are up front about it and some are down right sneaky. They can use these scab lists against you in a macro or micro aggressive way. If they are avoiding a day in court for breaking labor laws they will make it uncomfortable enough for you in the work place to make you want to quit. It's ok, you don't want to work for negative vortexes, those corporate cultures never last very long anyway.

Recently I applied at a temp agency and they wanted me to relinquish my right to privacy by having me sign an OPEN RELEASE that had troubling legal language. It essentially would be breaking labor laws if I signed it. It had no expiration date and they wanted me to leave the "To:" blank. They could send it to whom ever and whenever they chose including sometime in the future when I no longer needed their services. All three of these scenarios are the equivalent of CIVILITER aka SOCIAL DEATH if they were the types to miss-use this release form. Well, I told them that I wouldn't sign it because of the language they used and the questions they were asking the employer to answer. I stated that the people that I actually worked for were not even around there anymore and who knows what anyone might say or if they even knew me at all. It was stuff about performance and character. Yes, I'm a character and I can perform as great as the other circus monkeys. WHAT GIVES? It revealed a couple of things: 1) Why the agency was dying and 2) They were accusing me and other applicants of being a liar. I told them that I could provide pay stubs to verify my previous pay and that I could provide recommendation letters. NOPE, not good enough for this gal who was determined to pound me into submission. I stood my ground and told her I would have to run the form past my lawyer first. 

Where are the reset buttons for scab lists? Or for inappropriate or erroneous data? We already cannot rely on data to be secure or reliable because the humans behind it are NOT DOING THEIR JOBS CORRECTLY or have hidden agendas.

This happens at medical facilities as well. You may be opting into being a research LAB TEST DUMBIE without even realizing it. Each facility has their own style of consent forms and could be opting in by signing a statement at the bottom that states, simply, "I agree to ALL of the above"no matter what boxes you checked or left blank. According to Citizens Council for Health Freedom, Minnesota is looking to change it so that you do not even have a right to refuse sharing data. Anyone in Minnesota is urged to send a letter now to MDH and your representatives. The comment period ends on Oct. 17th. Below is an excerpt:

You only have 10 days to respond! (due Monday, October 17 at 7:00pm.)

MDH and the coalition of health-care industry members want complete access to your data. If they succeed, your medical record data will be shared without your consent to countless outsiders for:
  • Medical, Genetic and Health-Data Research 
  • Military Personnel (unless required by federal law)
  • Law Enforcement (without a warrant)
  • Funeral Directors
  • National Security Purposes (unless required by federal law)
Today, YOU have consent rights over this sharing only because of MN privacy laws that unlike HIPAA actually protect your privacy and consent rights. The Mayo Clinic put out a Notice of Privacy Practices that highlights each of these MN privacy rights guaranteed by the Minnesota Health Records Act.
The Minnesota Department of Health, in their Request for Information, states: 
"Minnesota is nearly unique among states in requiring patient consent to disclose any type of health information to other providers, including for treatment purposes."
They're right! Minnesota is "unique!" We have the strongest privacy laws in the nation and the MN Department of Health and their Big Health collaborators want to take that away from us!
Twila Braise
More details can be found at and

So why should you care? Because some of these "professionals" do not have the coping skills to be appropriate with your data or even charts. They can use terminology that will cause anyone viewing your records to reach the same conclusion. Some of these terms are not even scientific. They are intended to create a pipeline to recidivism for particular disciplines in the industry. They can write judgments that defame your character and prevent you from landing a good job or gaining or keeping custody of your child, or be used to force political dissidents into civil commitment [oh the stories MN's have told]. Another scenario is that doctors are prescribing drugs that can effect your driving and behavior. Imagine that you get pulled over and you get a DUI because you are taking Zantac which causes hallucinations. I know... but it could happen. 

Can you gain access to your records? Not completely. Can you view it from their point of view? Maybe, if you have good enough lawyers and money. Do they follow the rules? NO, Minnesotans know all to well, not all the time and interpretation is key. Should they? YES! Of course they should but they do not always do so and they count on you to not know the rules they should be following. It takes lawyers willing to risk their reputation and a lot of money to correct or clear your record from errors and to protect you from defamation. Ask THE DONALD, he can tell you some stories. Or for that matter ask Governor Ventura, you know Jessie the Body? He has some whoppers to tell ya 'don't ya know'! Ok, but you can actually ask countless Minnesotans who like other constituents are working in the area of justice reform.

On another note: We are what we program ourselves with. Thoughts are extremely powerful. Our own inner dialogue can and has sabotaged the best of us. So why let another persons inner dialogue sabotage you? When we listen to music, those words are powerful too. MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU not AGAINST YOU! My challenge to you is to PRINT OUT the lyrics of the songs that you constantly replay and ask yourself
IF THAT IS THE HILL YOU ARE WILLING TO DIE ON! I love the music and entertainment industry but when it programs people to destroy themselves or others, NOT SO MUCH! 

Personal Protocol: Informed Consent and Knowledge #optingIN #optingOUTI chose this spider picture because this post is spooky and so is what's going on in the world. But look! This spiders web has a heart! Unlike the tangled web our so called representatives are weaving. Photo by:  Steve Goyette