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Music styles: The Spin Offs- Lorenz Hart

Music styles: The Spin Offs- Lorenz Hart

Lyricist Lorenz Hart is best-known worldwide, musically talking, for his productions with composer Richard Rodgers, thus Rodgers & Hart.

They both were responsible for the Broadway theater sound throughout the '20s and '30s.

New York native he met Richard Rodgers at Columbia University where they were writing shows.

At the age of 24 they got his first hit, with the song “Any Old Place With You" as part of the Broadway show “A lonely Romeo”.

Later on they got a major success with “Poor Little Rich Girl” where they were able to include seven songs by them composed.

On the forthcoming years they did not reached major hits mainly because they were focused on not relevant productions and additionally they spent some time writing separately.

Their end came in 1925 with The Garrick Gaieties a popular Broadway show and with their first complete score, “Dearest Enemy”.

They still got some more hits mainly for shows like “The Girlfriend”, 


and “By Jupiter”.

In spite of they were involved in productions that were not as successful as they deserved, some of the tracks included within the shows become popular and major hits.

Let us mention “Thou Swell”

 and “With a Song in My Heart” just to highlight some of them.

Because of 1929 Crack the Broadway productions were not a lucrative business and our duo moved to Hollywood dedicating their production to film scores.

From this epoch the most outstanding tracks included titles such as, “Love Me Tonight”

 and “Mississippi”.

As Depression became to give way to a new progress era our men returned to Broadway by 1935 to achieve their most remarkable professional period.

Every score for they both composed returned major hit tracks, some of them are part of the American Songbook and the collective memory.

Who do not recognize melodies like these ones "Where or When,"

 "The Lady Is a Tramp,"

 and "My Funny Valentine"

 the most remarkable point here is that they were all included with the same show, Babes in Arms.

From this same period , late 30s and early 40s, are dated musical anthems like "Spring Is Here,"

 "I Didn't Know What Time It Was,"

 and "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," (to me a personal anthem and best sample of what a best track ever is).

Our man, Lorenz Hart, was not only known as one of the most relevant lyricists ever, in spite of this was his prominent role, but also co-librettist for many shows.

Another major hits from Lorenz Hart were "Manhattan,"

 "My Heart Stood Still,"

 "Isn't It Romantic?," 

and "Dancing on the Ceiling."

After By Jupiter show for the first time in 1942,  Lorenz Hart because of alcohol abuse and mental illness lost his instinct to write.

The magnificent duo reunited again to compose new material for the 1943 stage revival of an early success, A Connecticut Yankee, but Lorenz Hart had lost interest in composing.

After the production's premier Lorenz Hart contracted double pneumonia and died on November 22, 1943

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#2 yeah, that songs are part of the popular memory. I do not why but most of precocious artists, from Mozart to Prince, just to mention some, passed away too young indeed, just imagine what would they have produced if reaching, let's say 80 old. More stuff comming to close the Tunesmiths series or what it is the same The American Songbook.

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