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Music styles: The Spin Offs- Oscar Hammerstein

Music styles: The Spin Offs- Oscar Hammerstein

Well although this producer is referred to Oscar Hammerstein, let us mention too to the man who had a finger in every pie, Richard Rodgers, as believe it or not they also worked together.

As mentioned over two decades, the '40s and '50s, they both collaborated one under his main role of lyricist (Hammerstein and the other under his main role of composer (Rodgers).

As said on that time, has had happened with other mates, they were the most successful composing team on Broadway.

Oscar Hammerstein has the honor of being the second most prolific lyricist of the 2oth century, just behind Irving Berlin.

Native from New York, as well as other of the card faces he grew up in a musical environment, for instance his grandfather not only a theater builder but an opera company director too. His father worked as the manager of a historic vaudeville theater in New York.

Although he studied law, soon he became stage manager in his uncle theater. Later on he tried to be a tunesmith by his own but got no success at all.

Oscar Hammerstein, prior to his successful joint venture with Richard Rodgers, worked with other lyricists, for instance over the 20s he worked closely with Otto Harbach, from this collaboration we must outstand Snowboat 

and Sweet Adeline.

Among the list of composers with the ones he collaborated we must remark George Gershwin and Jerome Kern, but as others his most successful period was the one he spent with Richard Rodgers.

Their collaboration started after Richard Rodgers main partner, Lorenz Hart, died, as quoted in his review, it was in 1943. From that period and until Oscar Hammerstein self-passing, in 1960, as Broadway musicals hit creators they were absolutely unrivalled.

With their first smash hit, Oklahoma they received a Pulitzer Prize,

 and a second one in 1949 for South Pacific.

This killer duo were responsible too for musicals of the size of The King & I (1951)

and The Sound of Music (1959).

Among Oscar Hammerstein best tracks ever highlights we can find eternal titles such as "Ol' Man River," (we have shared the Aretha Franklin cover), "Lover, Come Back to Me" (1928),

 "Why Was I Born?" (1929),  (we have shared the Helen Morgan cover), "All the Things You Are" (1939), 

"People Will Say We're in Love" (1943), 

"Some Enchanted Evening" (1949),  (we have shared the Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney cover), "Getting to Know You," 

and "My Favorite Things."

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Another great partnership producing more great music!

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