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Music styles The Spin offs- The Best Recommended Works Ever_George Benson_ Breezin'

Music styles The Spin offs- The Best Recommended Works Ever_George Benson_ Breezin'

First of all I will start by quoting that this album, not sure up today, by the time it was issued was the most sold jazz album ever.

Some of the tracks are not George Benson originals but excellent covers.

By the occasion we will listen to the original plus the covers.

Thus, Benson Breezin' cover.

And here you have the original, composed by Bobby "The Poet" Womack (R.I.P.) and played by Gabor Szabo (R.I.P.)

Furthermore, with this album George Benson became a superstar within the pop stardom, while he was a talented musician since years ago within the jazz one.

Benson This Masquerade cover.

And the original, composed and played by Leon Russell (R.I.P.) himself.

Benson Six to four cover,

And the original from Phil Upchurch, here it is not so easy to differentiate, as Phil Upchurch was in the Benson cover too.

Benson Affirmation cover,

and José Feliciano original.

So this is love?, is an original from Benson himself.

and closing the album the great Ronnie Foster composition Lady.

Hope you will enjoy this review to one of those albums. Remember, as always, that to each its one, what do you prefer original or covers? 

Stay tuned.

I reached this album in that transaction from teen to adult and was one of the first crushes into jazz, it is obvious that this is a progressive way to enter jazz scene rather than starting with Miles “ Kind of Blue”, as you need to have some shell like a galapago prior to dive into.
The best thing to do with this album is lay back and enjoy this bunch of tracks.
In this album we can find capital names among the jazz scene, first of all let us mention the overall presence of the orchestral arrangements provided by Claus Ogerman.